This Month in Cannabis News (October 2016)

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GreenRush | Cannabis News October 2016

This Month in Cannabis News, we take a look at some of the latest developments from around the world.

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California Cannabis News

Damian Marley hopes to turn prison into pot farm

Damian Marley is aiming to turn an abandoned Californian prison into a huge medical marijuana manufacturing plant. The youngest son of reggae legend Bob Marley believes the project would revitalize the fortunes of a struggling rural town.

The Claremont Custody Center, based in Coalinga, has been deserted since closing-down in 2011, and once housed thousands of non-violent drug offenders. Its transformation into a cannabis cultivation center would epitomize shifting perceptions towards marijuana use in both California and the broader US.

Blueprints for the ‘makeover’ have already been drawn-up by Ocean Grown Extracts, the company behind Marley’s project. The dining room will be used for marijuana oil refinement and the enormous dorms will be turned into plant cultivation centers. The other rooms which make up the almost 80,000 sq. ft. facility will be used for transportation, distribution and testing.

“It will turn a negative place with a negative vibe into something positive” explained Marley, who also hopes the project will highlight the failure of prisons to rehabilitate criminals effectively.

The closing of the prison had meant 120 jobs were lost and over $4m of debt built-up over 5 years.  The townsfolk see the project as a chance to re-establish economic prosperity in the area.

“We have no new money is coming in,” said Patrick Keough, the city’s current mayor. “It’s a doomsday recipe.”

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‘Yes’ vote leading polls in The Golden State

Support for the legalization of marijuana is at an all-time high across the US, according to polls. 60% of Americans now support legalization – up from 35% a decade ago.

This November’s ballot includes marijuana legalization laws across five states. Support for the bill is currently sitting well-above 50% in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. Arizona remains too close to call.

The results will be viewed positively by Californian financial experts, who anticipate a huge upswing in the economy if the bill is passed. California has a larger economic output than France, and may provide the impetus for all remaining states to follow suit and cash-in on the green rush.

National Cannabis News

Weed more popular than Clinton and Trump

Weed has a higher favorability rating than both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, according to survey data. It says more about the presidential candidates, perhaps, than about marijuana, but experts believe it could be an indication that federal legalization is inevitable.

Clinton (44%) has a higher approval rating than Trump (some way behind on 35%), yet both are left in the wake of weed, which is favored by 60% of American voters.

Even President Obama, whose own approval rating has soared as America considers his potential successors, is some way behind with just 54% favorability. So, it’s official: weed is better than POTUS!

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Oregon tax office overwhelmed by additional income

The state of Oregon has made so much additional income since the legalization of cannabis that its tax office is struggling to cope with the revenue.

Oregon officials believe they’ll make an additional $43m from cannabis revenue this year alone – having received over $10m since the beginning of June.

However, due to an industry-wide lack of banking services, cannabis firms are making their payments in cash, which requires an appointment. Needless to say, Oregon tax officials may need to come up with an alternative system before the end of the fiscal year.

International Cannabis News

Turkey legalizes cannabis

Turkey has legalized cannabis for medicinal and scientific research purposes. Farmers may now seek permission from the government to cultivate the plant for a three-year period, after which they may re-apply. These farms will be subject to regular ministry checks and will need to comply with specific guidelines in order to remain in operation.

EU advises Europeans on best ways to make hash

Despite the ongoing criminalization of cannabis throughout the vast majority of Europe, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction has released a short video which outlines the most effective ways to produce hash.

The video carefully describes the various methods - from more traditional sieving through to modern bubble hash techniques - and represents an incongruous change in tactics from the EU. The European Union’s Drug Agencies typically distributes anti-drug propaganda through its various online channels.



MS sufferer granted marijuana cultivation pass in Germany

A man from Mannheim, southern Germany, has been permitted to grow up to 130 cannabis plants in his home, for medicinal purposes, after winning a lengthy court battle. The multiple sclerosis sufferer claimed that he could no longer afford the expensive treatments he relied upon.

Marijuana is currently available through German pharmacies, though the drug is tightly controlled and expensive to purchase through the state. The move is the first of its kind in the country and represents a small shift towards further legalization across the European country.

The man will be allowed to grow in an extremely restricted space in his own bathroom, and at his own cost, but any additional weed leftover will be seized and destroyed.

Archeologists find first-ever cannabis-filled ancient burial shrine

Archeologists have unearthed the world’s first-ever, cannabis-filled burial shrine in China. Dating back an estimated 2,400 to 2,800 years, the find proves an ancient relationship with the plant.

13 three-foot high cannabis plants were discovered in the tomb. Each plant was freshly harvested and carefully cut shortly before being arranged “like a shroud over a dead man”.

The find is the first of its kind – though cannabis seeds have been unearthed in numerous graves and burial mounds, the study’s lead author, Hongen Jiang, stated, "This is the first time ever that archaeologists have recovered complete cannabis plants, as well as the first incidence of their use as a 'shroud' or covering in a human burial."

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