Mountain Rescue Ensues For Hikers Who Smoked Too Much Weed

by greenrush
mountain rescue

This weekend was quite eventful for Cumbria police in the Lake District in England. Around 6:30p.m., police were called to a mountain rescue for a group of hikers stuck at the top of Scafell Pike. The reason? They had smoked too much weed.


The hikers had gotten so high that they couldn't make their way back down the mountain. Working with the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, local police worked to bring the hikers back down.


Along with a volunteer rescue group, police got them off the mountain successfully by 9:45p.m.


Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England, standing at 3,209 feet tall.


Whilst no one was hurt, the incident caused an outbreak of social media activity. Some users were doubtful anyone could get that high whilst others were simply annoyed.


With cannabis still being classed as illegal in the UK, it's unsure as to whether or no the hikers will face any legal charges. So far, local police have not made any arrests.


They have however reminded the public to exercise caution when hiking and make sure to carry the right equipment and food. It might be useful to know your limits too!


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