Legal Marijuana Could Be Coming To New York Sooner Than You Think

by greenrush
new york

A New York lawmaker has changed his tune to the sound of sweet Mary Jane this week. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who, as recently as last year publicly opposed legalizing cannabis for recreational use, called for the state to form a panel to advise him on the prospect of legalizing marijuana in New York.

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Cuomo’s move comes less than a week after New Jersey’s new governor Phil Murphy was sworn into office. Murphy hasn’t been silent in this support for legalization.


“A stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces comprehensive criminal justice reform, including a process to legalize marijuana,” Murphy said in his inauguration speech.


If Murphy’s marijuana crusade is successful, New Jersey could have marijuana legalization on its way as soon as April, leaving New York well and truly left behind.


On Monday, the Daily News reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Joel Giambra floated a plan to legalize weed and use the tax revenue generated from legalization to pay for key subway refurbishments.


Recreational cannabis is now on the minds of lawmakers in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Vermont recently decided to vote on cannabis legalization in the wake of Jeff Sessions announcement that he is rescinding the Obama-era policy that allowed legal weed to flourish across the United States. Sessions’ move removes the restrictions on federal enforcement agencies that prevented them from interfering in affairs related to marijuana in states where it is legal.


As of January 1, California, the western-most hub of liberalism in the United States, legalized marijuana for recreational use. The state is predicted to become the biggest cannabis market in the US. Although it remains to be seen the extent of the effect legalization would have in New York, it’s predicted that New York would benefit greatly from a change in the law.