Olivia Newton John's Crusade for Cannabis

by greenrush
olivia newton john

Olivia Newton John is on a cannabis crusade. Back in her home country of Australia, the Grease star is advocating the use of medical marijuana. Earlier this year, the talented actress and singer announced her second battle with cancer. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992.


Cannabis is medically legal and widely available in Olivia Newton John's home state of California. She says she has used cannabis legally along with other treatments and therapies. Australia has yet to offer the same legality. This has made it difficult for people to access the medical marijuana they need.


Part of Newton John’s campaign is to make sure that those who need of cannabis have access to it. She will be raising money for her research and wellness center in Melbourne, Australia.


“I will do what I can to encourage it. It’s an important part of treatment and it should be available," she told News Corp. Australia.


The Grease star’s crusade is part of a worldwide trend to make sure medical marijuana is legal and available to those who need it. The current process in Australia is still very complicated and restrictive to those who may be seeking cannabis for pain relief. Campaigns like Newton John's are important in drawing some much-needed attention to the issue. 


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