Paris OG - Cannabis' Crème de la Crème

by greenrush

Though relatively seldom seen, Paris OG is beginning to creep into Californian cannabis dispensaries thanks to its growing reputation as a specialist medical strain. It seems like Kanye and Jay-Z were in Paris for a reason: It's the crème de la crème of cannabis.

Paris OG - Cannabis' Crème de la Crème

This indica dominant specimen, of mysteriously unknown origin, is said to have one of the heaviest THC to CBD ratios on the market. Indeed, it is rare to find any breed with a THC level of more than 20% that simultaneously subdues CBD to as little as 0.5%, yet Paris OG does just that.

Whilst THC-heavy Indicas are a poor choice of medication for sufferers of certain conditions - Epilepsy, to name but one - they can work wonders with others. Depression, insomnia, glaucoma, stress, eye pressure, nausea, headaches and muscle spasms are all examples of conditions, disorders and discomforts which can be treated with heavy indicas.

The Experience

Paris OG, along with its fellow THC-dominating strains, produces deep and overpowering highs. Users find themselves quickly taken to calming, sleepy realms of comfort. Meanwhile, a fuzzy wave of euphoria blankets the mind, creating a blissful fog. As mentioned, those suffering with insomnia can all but guarantee to find themselves hurled into the deepest, darkest depths of sleep, where not even dreams can find them. With all of that being said, this probably isn’t the strain of choice for anybody with a lengthy to-do list.

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Paris OG's Flavor

Now, in terms of flavor, expect hints of a sour diesel scent combined with a spicy blend of pine, citrus and a woody aftertaste. If you're wondering what on earth all this has to do with France, we’re just as stumped as you are. Truth is, though, aside from the name, this is a pretty straightforward and direct cannabis strain.

The nugs themselves are some of the consistently largest to be found in Californian cannabis dispensaries. So, when getting Paris OG delivered, don’t expect to receive a baggie of tasty little pebbles, expect an absolute monster taking up the entire thing. We aren’t kidding, they can be huge.

The Effects

In terms of other effects, as with all THC-heavy strains, you can guarantee a serious bout of red eye. The munchies are likely to be in full swing so, if you can stave off the need to sleep, you’d better get a pizzeria on speed dial, you’re gonna need it. Dry mouth is also frequently reported by any and all who have Paris OG delivered so we would recommend having a pretty healthy supply of juice nearby, you’re also gonna need that.

To summarise, Paris OG is a medical marvel that you won’t find in every dispensary. It’s extreme cannabinoid ratio makes it an unrivalled treatment method for a long list of medical conditions. However, we would strongly recommend speaking with your local dispensary if you aren’t sure if yours is on this list.

Lastly, if you fancy yourself as a buddin' connoisseur (pardon the pun), we recommend ticking this one off the list if you're in the area. As we’ve already said, it’s not the most common of strains. You never know when you’ll come across it again.

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