The Place to Find Exotic Cannabis Strains

by greenrush

The Place to Find Exotic Cannabis Strains

As the cannabis market grows, cannabis flower, extracts, and infused edibles are becoming more accessible to people. Companies are getting more creative with their products; from hash oil and diamonds to gummy bears and chocolate, there’s no end to the ways cannabis can be manipulated to heighten the plant’s benefits. But many consumers are getting bored of the mainstream strains: Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are popular, but can be found nearly anywhere. And it’s not always clear what strains are used to create your favorite cannabis-infused sour gummies. This is why cannabis connoisseurs are seeking out exotic cannabis strains. These strains are less common, but are often crafted to promote high THC potency and unique terpenes.

Exotic strains aren’t always easy to find. In past years, the top strains were only grown by a small handful of farms and could only be found within small circles. With legalization in California and other states, these strains are now becoming more accessible to the public.

Cannabis Express’ Exotic Cannabis Strains

One dispensary, Cannabis Express, carries two of the most popular exotic strains in addition to a full menu of edibles, extracts, and other flowers. The dispensary has a reputation for fast and accurate delivery and serves the San Francisco area and peninsula. They are highly rated for their excellent service and selection of products from a variety of growers.

Alien Labs – Gelato #41

Those seeking a high THC flower likely already know about the Gelato strain. The offspring of hybrids Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookie gives a flavor that is both sweet and citrusy, yet earthy. Alien Labs has a reputation for putting out great product; their strains have won numerous awards in High Times' Cannabis Cup. Their Gelato #41 strain hits at a whopping 29.2% THC so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Tokers of this strain note its ability to fully relax the entire body without compromising on cognitive function. If you can handle your THC, you won’t have an issue functioning on this strain.

Connected – Gushers

Gushers is another hybrid that has the previously mentioned Gelato #41 as a parent strain along with the Indica strain Triangle Kush. Triangle Kush has berry and earthy flavors, pairing nicely with the earthy and citrusy flavors of Gelato. Gushers hold about 28% THC and gives a full body relaxation without the sleepiness despite being an Indica-heavy strain. As Gushers has a complex flavor pallet, we recommend consuming the exotic cannabis strain using a vaporizer rather than smoking the flower. The producer, Connected, is known for growing weed specifically for medical patients, although not all their strains contain CBD. Gushers are no exception; despite its low CBD content, the strain is used by many people to help alleviate anxiety and chronic pain.

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