Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

by greenrush

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is one seriously tough girl scout. Jam-packed with almost 30% of THC, it’s not only one of the strongest strain that we sell here at GreenRush, but one of the strongest strains of cannabis anywhere in Oakland and the broader Bay Area. And for that reason, before you go dropping this one in your basket, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Therefore, let’s take a look at the sweetest cookie on our shelves; one of the most medicating marijuana strains you’ll ever get your hands on. This is Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. And this is why you should give it a try.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - GSC on Steroids

Now, if you’re hearing of Girl Scout Cookies for the first time, we’ve got some questions for you. It’s a persistent feature on any list breaking down California’s favorite strains, and, man - it’s now gone platinum. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is GSC upgraded. It’s everything you love about Girl Scout Cookies, only with an extra injection of brilliance - something that comes from its premiere genetics, being the lovechild of the genius pairing of OG Kush, Durban Poison and one mystery surrogate. Hey, it’s a modern world.

The Bud

The first thing for which people praise Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is for it’s remarkably fresh looking appearance. For a dank bud that packs such a punch, the plant itself looks like it wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s vibrant and eye-catching, and its refreshingly green color is broken up only by seams of vibrant orange. And if you were to have any doubts regarding its potency, the liberal dusting of trichomes will settle your concerns.

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The only thing more distracting than its appearance is Platinum Girl Scout Cookies smell. As thick as the buds that produce it, PGSC’s pong is not one for the times when you have to be subtle about your medication. It’s instantly noticeable, sweet, fresh aroma will quickly fill any enclosed space you happen to be in, and will leave no doubts as to what you’re up to.

The Experience

Upon administration, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies delivers some serious effects. With such an extraordinarily potent level of THC, the high is instant in both body and mind - you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable and stress will be barely a memory. As the effects enter your head, however, you’ll be whisked away to another planet of awesome. A strain that is only suitable when you have absolutely nothing left on your to-do list, you’ll be rendered in a state of perpetual bliss as your body slips deeper into one of the most comfortable cerebral highs you’ll ever experience.

What PGSC Treats

Due to Platinum Girl Scout incredibly high THC content, this strain is a powerful way to treat a host of medical complaints. Chief among them, patients have praised PGSC for its effects treating stress, while proving to be an as-effective method of killing pain. Patients suffering with insomnia, anxiety and appetite disorders will also benefit from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Get Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Delivered

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