Police Uproot Almost 500 Cannabis Plants in Iowa, Are Met With Ridicule

by greenrush
cannabis plants

Almost 500 cannabis plants were uprooted by police in Henry County, Iowa after 'a concerned citizen' reported the plants.


The Henry County Sheriff's Office put out a Facebook post as well as photos of the officers uprooting the plants and stacking them on trailers, ready to be taken away and destroyed.


Perhaps they should have remembered you have to be careful what you post on social media as the post was met with absolute ridicule.


Most people seemed amused by the post and wasted no time in pointing out the mistake the police had made.


"I see officers planting next year's crop!", one comment read, referring to the fact that the officers took the crop away uncovered, letting hundreds of seeds out that will surely grow into twice as many plants next year.


Some people commented, saying that the 'concerned citizen' probably just didn't want to pay for landscaping, whilst others were frustrated with the waste of taxpayers' money. One man commented with "I've got about an acre of goldenrod, it sure would save me some work if you came and pulled it up for me."


Police have definitely ensured they'll have some more work to do next year. Hopefully, they'll do a better job of it next time!

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