We Bet You Didn't Know These Politicians That Smoke Weed

by greenrush

Working in politics must be a tough job. You’d be surprised at how many prominent U.S. politicians have admitted to having puffed the magic dragon at least once or twice in their lives. Knowing politicians that smoke weed is easy, it’s finding the ones that are willing to admit to it that’s the hard part! Here is a list of politicians that smoke weed!


Bernie Sanders

politicians that smoke weed

No surprise here. This politician that smokes weed is a no-brainer. In fact, we bet you probably already knew that Bernie has smoked weed once or twice in his life. He’s one of those people that became a politician because we all knew how much he supported marijuana use and legalization. Interestingly, Sanders admitted that he has smoked marijuana once or twice in his life but the only effect was that it made him cough a lot! Not having an affinity for weed apparently meant nothing for his opinions about legalizing, which everybody in the U.S. knows about.


Andrew Cuomo

politicians that smoke weed

New York’s governor is another one of those American politicians who has tried weed a few times in his life. He has no shame owning up to the fact that he experimented with weed a lot, especially when he was younger. But he doesn’t really support marijuana legalization. Go figure. He doesn’t at all recommend that young people experiment with marijuana either. In his defense, however, he also doesn’t rule out legalization as a possibility for the future.


Sarah Palin

politicians that smoke weed

Sarah Palin thinks that smoking pot is a minimal problem in the U.S. and shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. She isn’t too worried about admitting to the public that she smoked pot in Alaska when it was legal for personal use. However, she isn’t the biggest advocate of legalization either. We particularly like what she said to The Anchorage Daily News back in 2006: “I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled”.


Bill Clinton

politicians that smoke weed

Speaking of the man who never inhaled. Bill Clinton is probably most famous among marijuana enthusiasts for this statement, “I experimented with marijuana a time or two and didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale and I didn’t try it again”. Understandably so, Clinton was adequately mocked for his statement and many a meme has been made in his name.


Barack Obama

When Obama was running for president, he had no reservations about admitting to cannabis use and definitely no shame in admitting that he did, in fact, inhale! In an interview, which happened way back in 2007, he was asked if he had inhaled. His answer was, “I did. I never understood that statement. The point was to inhale”. Potheads all over the country love Barack Obama for his openness about his personal life and the times when he used to love to get high. Don’t we all, Barack?


Arnold Schwarzenegger

politicians that smoke weed

Well, everybody remembers that famous photograph of Arnie holding a joint, right? The ex-governor of California definitely isn’t a stranger to the herb. The photograph comes straight from the film, Pumping Iron, where he is filmed inhaling something at the end. Schwarzenegger says that of course, it was real, and of course, he inhaled it!


Al Gore

politicians that smoke weed

Last but not least on the list of politicians that smoke weed is Al Gore. Well, smoked weed. While Al Gore said that his cannabis use was “infrequent and rare”, his friends didn’t say the same in his biography, Inventing Al Gore. In fact, his friends said that they used to sit around smoking weed, talking about what they’d do if they were president. Isn’t that ironic?


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