These Are The Most Popular Products You Can Get At Erba Collective

by greenrush
erba collective

Erba Collective has been caring for the cannabis community in Los Angeles since 2016. The team at Erba pride themselves on their top shelf flowers, specializing in organically grown-under-the-sun buds. Needless to stay, they still take into consideration the likes of concentrate lovers, edible lovers, and tincture tasters.


Erba Collective Santa Monica is located on Pico Boulevard, for all those that find themselves near the ocean and fancying a smoke. It is also conveniently located close to the airport so you can duck in as soon as you land.


You can get your hands on some high-quality products at this dispensary. So before you head in, check out our list of their best and most popular.


Dosist Wellness Pack

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Dosist, (formerly known as hmbldt) recently released this new ‘Wellness Kit’ and it’s easy to see why people are into it. Kits come in packs of either 4 or 6 with different size pens available. This new pack is great for anyone trying cannabis for the first time or looking to ease back into it after a hiatus. For those looking to broaden their cannabis knowledge, or if you have pressing questions about Dosist’s products, the brand is setting up in-store booths with representatives on site so you can be sure to get all your questions answered, as well as valuable information from Dosist’s highly experienced team.


Blue Dream Hybrid

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This is one of many of Erba Collective’s fresh buds range. They specialize in organically grown methods so you can be sure you’re getting a strong - but healthy - smoke. And one that doesn’t ruin the environment.


Although the Blue Dream strain is sativa-dominant, it is extremely balanced in its physical and cerebral effects. It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned stoners alike. Its Blueberry parent gives it a berry taste and aroma, while its Haze parent makes it a great daytime strain for treating depression.


Sensi Chew CBD Platinum

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While Erba Collective Los Angeles also stocks Sensi Chews 1:1, we recommend the CBD platinum. It is 100mg of pure CBD for those who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC altogether.


It is a delicious chocolate caramel chew that is made from organic cannabis. Perfect for a range of different medical conditions, especially those who aren’t looking to get “high”.


Vanilla Cavi Cone

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Haven’t brushed up on your joint rolling skills? No problem. At Erba, you can get your hands on a number of different pre-rolled joints. The Vanilla Cavi Cone is conveniently flavored to add a little bit more to your smoking experience. At $16 a piece, these joints are worth keeping in your stash in case you’re ever stuck on the beach on a windy day!


Sunderstorm Pink Lemonade Belts, 400mg

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Okay, sometimes weed is just about having fun. And Erba Collective hasn’t forgotten about that. That’s why they stock Sunderstorm’s Kahna Candies in what’s arguably their best flavor - pink lemonade.


This box is power packed with THC. Each box contains 8 delicious strips with each containing 50mg of THC, so be careful before munching through the whole box. Needless to say, having just one takes a strong will, as these treats are oh so delicious!


Pure Kush Shatter

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For those who like to keep it pure. You can’t make any mistakes by getting your hands on some Pure Kush, especially in the form of shatter. Erba Collective has all the dabbers in mind. But in case you haven’t tried the OG before, it comes with a disclaimer: This is one potent indica strain.


Very stinky, very skunky and completely worth clearing your schedule for. Half a gram of Pure Kush shatter is enough to keep you busy (or not busy, depending on how you see it) for a while!


Girl Scout Cookies Disposable Vape Pen

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Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular Californian cannabis strains of all time. And rightfully so. Californians love to chow down on GSC. Plus, the fact that it comes pre-filled in a disposable vape pen makes it extremely easy to use on the go. Some don’t want to buy expensive vaporizers but appreciate the benefits of vaping.


This hybrid is well known to have a high THC content so you can be sure $20 for half a gram of GSC vaping oil is more than enough to get your body tingling and your imagination running.


Relax Indica Canna Drops

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These canna-drops have had essential oils added to them to assist you in the process of relaxation. The bottle contains 200 mg of THC, meaning each dropper contains about 5.3 mg of THC. A CO2 extraction process was used to create this pure cannabis oil, so you don’t have to worry about contaminants. If you’re feeling stressed, having difficulty sleeping or just need to wind down, Erba Collective has you covered.


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