Here’s How To Make Pride-Themed Cannabis Rainbow Popsicles

by greenrush
rainbow popsicles

Pride celebrations don’t need to mean the abandonment of your healthy choices and resolutions. Summer is upon us and pool and beach parties are on the horizon. Never fear, we’ve got some healthy, tasty treats for all manner of colorful festivities this Pride month. Keep reading to learn how to make these delicious, Pride-themed cannabis rainbow popsicles.


Choose Your Fruits


This recipe contains no artificial colors, so you’re going to have to make the rainbow happen the old-fashioned, natural way. When choosing your fruits for these cannabis rainbow popsicles, we recommend picking fruits that, when put together, create an enticing color combination. A tip we recommend is to use a combination of greens, bananas, and berries to get a variety of colored layers in your popsicle but, remember, the world of fruits is your oyster!

rainbow popsicles

If you want to create an orange layer, try using a papaya! For yellower hues, you can use mangoes, pineapples or even turmeric for an added anti-inflammatory boost.


The more colors you have, the more rainbow appropriate your cannabis rainbow popsicles will be! So before you start this recipe, have a browse through your kitchen and see which delicious foods will star in your rainbow parade.


How To Make Pride-Themed Cannabis Rainbow Popsicles


By now, you must be eager to know how to make rainbow popsicles. For the cannabis part of your recipe,  you’re going to need some cannabis tincture. A good tincture will not affect the taste of your rainbow popsicles and will dissolve easily into your ingredients. If making your own cannabis tincture isn’t your thing, head to and order one for delivery or pick up!


We’re using the red layer of these cannabis rainbow popsicles as an example, but feel free to start with any color you so choose!


You will need:


- 1 cup of red berries (or your preferred fruit)

- ¼ cup yogurt (for a vegan option, use coconut yogurt instead)

- 2 tbsp water

- 2 tbsp agave nectar or sweetener of choice (we recommend maple syrup or honey as alternatives!)

- Your desired amount of cannabis tincture


Remember to read the dosage instructions on your tincture to make sure you are dosing correctly. If you plan on taking these rainbow popsicles to a Pride party this month, be sure to let everyone know they contain cannabis!


Blend everything together in a food processor until it is smooth and then pour it into popsicle molds. Make sure you use popsicle sticks, too! Let the first layer freeze before adding another.


Then, repeat the process with as many colors as you like, making sure to let each layer freeze before adding another so the colors remain clear.


Once all the layers have been added, freeze them overnight and enjoy a delicious cold cannabis treat this Pride month!


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