Pumpkin Pie OG - Thankgiving's Favorite Strain

by greenrush
Pumpkin Pie OG weed strain review

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means one thing: Pumpkins. They’re out on your porch, on every shelf in the supermarket, swimming around in all types of pie and now – thanks to this seasonal strain – down at your local dispensary. It’s Pumpkin Pie OG, the only strain you’ll need to keep the seasonal scares at bay this Thanksgiving.

Please note: This article is based on vigorous research and user reviews. Your personal experience with Pumpkin Pie OG will vary depending on the cultivar and your method of medication.

Pumpkin Pie OG weed strain review

Pumpkin Pie OG

Pumpkin Pie OG’s genesis is somewhat of a mystery. It’s tough to pin-point precisely where it comes from. One thing is certain from our trials, however, and that Pumpkin Pie OG is a hell of a Kush.

A potent Inidica OG, Pumpkin Pie OG is the perfect seasonal smoke for helping patients relax. The effect produced is immediate and heavy; sucking you on to the couch or helping you sleep soundly for a solid 8 hours. Therefore, you might consider Pumpkin Pie OG one to avoid at your Halloween party, unless that party is you, a scary movie and a box of cookies. One reviewer even noted that they, ‘kept walking into rooms and forgetting why’, which, unless you live in an 83 room country estate, barely counts as a major drawback.

Pumpkin Pie OG as a Medicine

Now, due to Pumpkin Pie OG’s reputation as one hell of a relaxant, it comes as no surprise that anxiety, stress and depression are sitting well and truly at the top of PP OG’s hit list. Its THC levels are somewhere between 20 and 25 per cent, meaning it will chill you out, calm you down and – simultaneously – perk you up. It can alter your mood for the better and leave an overarching sense of euphoria as you drift into a deep sleep. These effects also make it an excellent cannabis strain for pain relief, especially for sufferers of arthritis or those inflicted with similar conditions.

Just believe us when we say: Administer Pumpkin Pie OG only when you’ve got nothing important to do. A couple of administrations and your day is done.


[caption id="attachment_1765" align="aligncenter" width="917"]Pumpkin Pie OG weed strain review Image: Aloha Medical Review[/caption]

Pumpkin Pie OG’s Experience

As you might expect from a solid Kush, Pumpkin Pie OG is thick. Its buds are dense, a slight shade of orange and produce some serious smoke. Upon igniting, the danky, skunky smell will immediately fill whatever room you happen to find yourself in. And while this might make it not one for the discreet, its taste makes up for the necessity to crack open a window.

The taste has a light hint of pumpkin at the first smoke, though that doesn’t stick around too long. It lingers just long enough to remind you about all of fall’s good things.


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