5 San Diego 420 Events You’ll Want To Visit This Year

San Diego is much more than beaches and clear sunny skies. While they are great reasons to visit, this year’s San Diego 420 events are another reason you might want to make your way down for a vacation. This town boasts great food, great weed, and perfect sunsets. It’s really everything you’re looking for in a weekend.

San Diego 420 events are some of the biggest in the USA. Whether you’re trying your hand at cannabis entrepreneurship, love to sample new and funky marijuana or strains or simply just want to get high and listen to some dope tunes, San Diego is going to satisfy you this 4/20. Here’s our list of the top 5 420 events in San Diego we don’t think you should miss.

1. The High Times So-Cal Cannabis Cup

san diego 420 events

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If there’s any San Diego 420 event that you shouldn’t miss, it’s this one. The So-Cal Cannabis Cup is always full of marijuana goodness. You’ll be able to get your hands on some of the newest and best cannabis edibles, CBD oil, and flowers. There will also be some great live music to boot, such as Damian Marley and ASAP Ferg.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is going to be held at The National Orange Show in San Bernardino this year, just a short drive from San Diego. The event spans three days, from the 20th to the 22nd April, and tickets start from $50. The Super VIP pass appropriately costs $420.

This event is cannabis everything, from products to business information. Don’t forget to bring your medical card if you want to sample products!

2. EathFair

san diego 420 events

This year, San Diego is hosting the EarthFair festival at Balboa Park. There are heaps of Earth-loving things to do at this all-day-long festival, but we think you’re going to love the Cannabis Village the best!

The Cannabis Village at Earth Fair will be advocating for environmentally friendly ways to use cannabis, whether it’s for alternative health or for clothing and textiles. You’ll also have the opportunity to see some live cannabis speakers.

The event will start at 10 am on Sunday 22nd April and go right through until 10 pm. Visitors enter for free, so never mind if you’re running short on cash this year. Earth fair is set to be a great celebration of all things mother nature.

3. Wyclef Jean, Bayked By The Bay

san diego 420 events

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When it comes to San Diego 420 events, this one is all about chilling by the bay. There’s no particular emphasis on education or sales, but rather giving you somewhere to chill out and enjoy 420. Wyclef Jean along with some other music performers will take the stage at Bayked By The Bay at Embarcadero Marina Park on April 20. Tickets start at $30 and the show starts at 3 pm.

4. Dubloadz at Bassmnt

san diego 420 events

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Some of us like to get blazed and go for walks on the beach, while others like to get high and dance. San Diego 420 events come in all shapes and sizes but this one is definitely for the latter. Dubloadz is well known in the dubstep scene for making great music that gets things extra trippy. Bassmnt nightclub will be hosting Dubloadz on Friday, April 20. You can get VIP tables for 6 people for $200 (not a bad night between friends), but everyone has to be 18+. To drink you need to be 21+. The show starts at 9 pm and goes well into the wee hours!

5. Learn To Grow Your Own Cannabis in San Pasadena

san diego 420 events

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Why do you pay for cannabis when you can learn to grow your own? That’s the motto behind this event, and that’s why it’s a free educational course to do this 420. What better tribute could you give to Mary Jane than to learn how to grow her yourself? This San Diego 420 event is a friendly one that everybody can attend to learn something new. It’s just a short drive from San Diego to San Pasadena where this course is held on Sunday, April 22. You will also get the chance to purchase a complete home-grow kit if you choose to!

With San Diego 420 events like these, 420 2018 is set to be smoking! Do yourself a favor and head down to San Diego for the weekend. Enjoy some sun and celebrate all things marijuana.

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