5 Must-Attend San Francisco 420 Events For 2018

by greenrush
san francisco 420

If there’s any place in the USA that is a marijuana mecca, it’s San Francisco. It’s where the hippie revolution started in the 60s, where cannabis was first legalized medicinally and of course, Dolores Park was the famous smoking spot of The Beatles. People from all over the world travel to San Francisco to sample the local weed, and the farms of the Emerald Triangle are not so far away. This year’s San Francisco 420 celebrations are set to be the best yet, as California went recreationally legal on January 1. Here are 5 events you simply cannot miss.


1. greenRush Presents Hippie Hill

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Hippie Hill San Francisco is predicted to be the biggest and dopest party of all the San Francisco 420 events this year. The Times Square Ball Drop is cool, sure, but we’ve got one better: The Bud Drop. greenRush Presents Hippie Hill will feature the 2nd annual Bud Drop in addition to the usual festivities in Golden Gate Park. RSVPing to this event is better done sooner rather than later as record turnout is expected. If you’re among the first 5,000 to register, you’ll get a free Hippie Hill commemorative t-shirt. The next 10,000 to register will get a free commemorative vape holder.

san francisco 420

Let’s be clear here - this is the biggest cannabis community gathering in the Bay Area and it only happens once a year. Good food, good weed, great people and the best vibes. Plus, it’s free to attend Hippie Hill! More information can be found on the Hippie Hill website.


2. $4.20 Food Truck Celebration

san francisco 420

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Spark Social San Francisco is hosting a $4.20 food truck party for your munchie delight. All day long you can get yourself delicious foods costing only $4.20. Whether you plan to spark up in the morning or at night, there will always be a food truck open at Spark to satisfy those taste buds. For morning smokers, head in for lunch between 11 and 3. For dinner time sparkers, head in from 5-9pm.


Expect delicious food specials and $4.20 craft beers and sangria. This event is held on Friday 20th April at Spark Social Mission Bay Boulevard North. Remember to spark up before arriving because there’s no smoking around the food!


3. 420 Freedom Festival

san francisco 420

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This San Francisco 420 event is a huge multi-day party that you must attend. It is catered towards all lovers of marijuana, providing not only cannabis exhibitions but also live entertainment all weekend long. Whether you’re a business owner, a medical marijuana patient or someone who just likes to celebrate all things marijuana, this is one of the best 420 events in San Francisco.


There will be 420 doctors on site for those without medical cards, but remember to bring yours to get access to the 215 area! The 420 Freedom Festival on Saturday, April 21 and goes right through until Monday, April 23. It will be held at Cow Palace, San Francisco and tickets can be purchased at the door.


4. 1st Annual Cannabis Festival

san francisco 420

This San Francisco 420 event will run for the first time in 2018, with a huge emphasis on community and contribution. It is something like a mini Burning Man if you will. The objective is to draw on the collective spirit that has made the Bay Area famous for what it is and to bring the marijuana community even closer.


There will be plenty of activities to participate in at the famous Dolores Park, including informational activities and of course, marijuana consumption activities. 420 Fest starts at 3pm  on April 20 and finishes at 1am on April 22. Admission is free!


5. Blockchain 101 For Cannabis Professionals

san francisco 420

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If you’re looking for a celebration that’s a little bit more than a party, Blockchain 101 can help you drive your cannabis business forward. There can be some tricky legal loopholes to jump through when it comes to cannabis financials. There’s a lot to learn about how to mitigate these issues, and the Blockchain 101 event is the perfect opportunity to do that.


This is a great opportunity to learn about blockchain technology and how you can use virtual currencies to handle the financials of your marijuana business. Humboldt Legends, the organizers of this event, believe that blockchain technology will help to undo some of the damage that prohibition has caused to the cannabis industry.


The event will start at 6 pm on 4/20 with networking and will go on through the night with all kinds of incredible speakers. The event will be held at Runaway in the Twitter building on Market St. Unfortunately, there will be no consumption of marijuana allowed in the building, although alcoholic beverages will be served. Another San Francisco 420 event not to be missed, especially for professionals in the industry!


When it comes to 420 in San Francisco, there’s no shortage of events to attend. Have fun this 4/20 in the Bay Area!


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