These Are The Best San Francisco Vapes

by greenrush
san francisco vapes

Vaping is fast becoming a popular way in which to consume cannabis. If you’re looking for an inconspicuous way to get your weed, vaping could be for you. San Francisco has an abundance of vapes to choose from so make sure to check out the following list of the best San Francisco vapes available.


Heavy Hitters

san francisco vapes

First up on our list of the best vapes in San Francisco is the standard pen by Heavy Hitters.


Heavy Hitters is a Cali-based company specializing in creating super potent vape cartridges and concentrates. Their branded 510 threaded pens are simple to use, affordable and can come with a USB charger. They have a sleek stainless steel design and are perfect for using on the go.


Heavy Hitters also produce their own line of cartridges available in a variety of strains, including uplifting sativas, body-melting indicas, and well-balanced hybrids.


We personally recommend trying this delicious Pineapple Express cartridge. It boasts a strong, tropical flavor and well-balanced effects combining the uplifting euphoria of a good sativa with the long-lasting physical relaxation of an indica.


You can get a  variety of Heavy Hitters cartridges, including Pineapple Express, Gorilla Glue, Bubba Kush, and many more from Cannabis Express in San Francisco today.


710 Kingpen

san francisco vapes

When it comes to San Francisco vapes, the 710 Kingpen is a really popular oil vaporizer. And it’s not hard to see why; it’s got a slim, stainless steel design (complete with a branded graphic) and is super easy to use.


The Kingpen comes with a custom carrying case and battery. For such an affordable and portable pen, it offers a great pull system that makes for smooth, well-bodied draws. It delivers strong hits and perfectly preserves the flavor and aroma of the oils in your favorite cartridge.


LoudPack Extracts makes a whole bunch of custom cartridges especially for the 710 Kingpen using a variety of different strains, including the delicious, uplifting, and energizing Super Lemon Haze.


You can get your cartridges for the 710 Kingpen from Cannabis Express in San Francisco.


Moxie 710 Cartridges

san francisco vapes

Moxie, unfortunately, doesn’t produce its own vape pens. Instead, the company is purely dedicated to producing top-shelf concentrates using only the best strains. Luckily, all Moxie 710 cartridges should be compatible with any 510 threaded pen including, for example, the Heavy Hitters pen we mentioned earlier.


The oil in these cartridges is extracted using a unique light hydrocarbon process which claims to preserve many of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds found in cannabis.


Some of the strains Moxie 710 is currently working with include Super Lemon Haze, Alpine OG, Grape Valley Kush, and many more. However, we highly recommend trying their 100% CBD Mandarin cartridge.


This is a pure CBD oil, making it ideal for patients or users who want to enjoy cannabis without having to deal with the strong psychoactive high produced by THC. You can get your CBD Mandarin Moxie cartridge from Cannabis Express in San Francisco.


Brass Knuckles

san francisco vapes

Brass Knuckles is an LA-based manufacturer of CO2-extracted cannabis concentrates and easily makes some of the best San Francisco vapes around.


Like Heavy Hitters, these guys have a branded 510 vape pen that has a cool bronze design and a wooden finish around the battery.


These pens are super easy to use and offer smooth, flavorful hits even straight out of the box (that’s right - they come fully charged). They also come with a regular USB charger and are great for using when you’re on the go.


Brass Knuckles also produce a wide variety of cartridges for their pens from a huge variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. We highly recommend trying their Grape God OG cartridge for a super relaxing dose of indica goodness.


Get your Brass Knuckles cartridges from Marie’s Deliverables in San Francisco.


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