San Francisco Weed Will Have To Wait For Recreational Legalization

by greenrush
san francisco weed

If you live in San Francisco, you might have to wait for recreational marijuana to be available. California goes recreational on January 1 and people are excited. However, San Francisco weed may be further away than we think.


The city is holding off on issuing permits to sell recreational marijuana until it is able to pass laws to regulate the cannabis industry. It also wants to create an equity program for those coming from low-income backgrounds who want to break into the industry. A noble goal, no doubt, but how will San Francisco weed users respond?


At present, city officials are unsure of how they intend to create an equity program. There exists a similar one in Oakland, however, that particular program took over a year to finalize which might just be too long for people excited for legalization.


What we do know is that existing San Francisco weed dispensaries will be required to continue selling medical marijuana. Any new dispensaries orientated around recreational marijuana will also have to sell medical marijuana to comply with city laws.


San Francisco will also have to update in order to comply with state law which requires nurseries and manufacturers to be regulated as well.


While these new measures are being put into place, existing medical cannabis dispensaries will be able to apply for 120-day permits so that they can remain open.


Los Angeles has had similar trouble preparing for recreational legalization at the start of next year. It seems there could be an extended wait for recreational cannabis sales in some of California's major cities.


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