Snoop Dogg Offers To Help Girl Who Got Kicked Off Her Basketball Team

by greenrush
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A high school student in California has been harshly disciplined for an action most of us do every day. Racquel Alec, a senior on the Sierra high basketball team, shared an image of Snoop Dogg on social media. The catch? Snoop was holding a joint in the image. And it seems school officials were offended.

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Officials at the Sierra Unified School District have deemed images Alec shared as a punishable action. According to reports, the district cited its policy against students sharing images related to sex or "drug propaganda". Alec was also kicked off the basketball team. Her parents have lawyered up and are taking the school district to court for a civil rights violation.


Raquel's parents are arguing that their daughter should be able to exercise her right to free speech and that this extends to sharing a picture of Snoop, well, getting high AF. Alec's mom, Tami, told the local paper that her daughter suffered a nervous breakdown due to getting banned from the basketball team and that the whole incident has ruined Raquel's chances of playing in college.


If that wasn't enough, it looks like Alec may have been set up as well. The 18-year-old was the captain of her team in 2016 but was suspended for getting into a fight with another student. Her basketball coach, Cathy Lauritzen has been called out for allegedly setting Alec up and getting another student who had access to Alec's social media posts to look for something incriminating "with the intent of invading her privacy to humiliate, embarrass, harass and ridicule" the girl. The plot thickens.

Have her lawyers hit my team this is nonsense ??‍♂️

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So, how has Snoop Dogg responded to this entire debacle? The star has publicly stated that he supports Racquel and posted a message on Instagram telling her legal team to contact his lawyers for help. If Alec was set up, we bet her harassers didn't expect Snoop to get on board.