Sonic Wants Customers To Stop Smoking Weed In The Drive Thru

by greenrush

Mississippi-based fast food chain Sonic wants its customers to stop smoking weed in its drive-thrus. The request comes after a reported slew of stoned drivers coming through the fast food joint.

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Sonic employees are sick and tired of dealing with stoned customers and two weeks ago, a Gulfport location decided enough is enough.


The restaurant in question reported that a stoned customer rolled down their window in the drive-thru and blew smoke into the face of the employee serving them. According to The Sun Herald, the incident prompted manager Yasman Freeman put up a sign in the window of the Gulfport location.


"If you are smoking weed in the drive-thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order."



Freeman says since the sign went up, unwanted aromas have decreased some, however, lots of people have been taking pictures of the sign.


It remains unknown how the heads of Sonic feel about this move by their Gulfport location. Stoners have traditionally made up a large portion of fast food restaurant goers. When the munchies kick in, cheap and fast is the way to go, after all.


Whilst no one wants smoke blown in their face, for business reasons, it's unlikely other Sonic locations will follow suit, particularly when other fast food chains like Jack in the Box seem to be embracing cannabis culture with their collaboration with Snoop Dogg.


Smoker or not, be considerate of others and we can all enjoy a bacon melt cheeseburger together.