We Tried The Ramen Challenge High

by greenrush
ramen challenge

We’re always searching for fun (and sometimes slightly silly) things to do while high. Somehow, when you’re stoned, the world seems funnier, more exciting and a little more… spicy. That’s why we asked Bailey and Tara to take the ramen challenge after smoking some high-quality pre-rolls delivered by greenRush.

The ramen challenge is definitely for lovers of spicy food, and the more people there are taking the challenge, the more fun the whole thing is. Not a bad way to get your smoking circle together for lunch, is it?


What is the ramen challenge?

ramen challenge

Okay, brave people, the ramen challenge is pretty self-explanatory. It is one of the more popular challenges on YouTube, but we are the first ones to do it high. This challenge involves preparing as many bowls of the spiciest ramen as there are people participating. You should also prepare glasses of milk and water. The spicier the ramen, the harder the challenge is going to be - and the more fun.


The aim of the game is to be the last one who needs to drink! Those who drink any water or milk are out until there is one last man standing. Eating fast doesn’t mean you get to drink either. And when you’re taking the ramen challenge high, it’s totally acceptable to pause for another joint. But you still can’t drink if you want to win!


Why get high first?

ramen challenge

So why did we decide to add weed to the ramen challenge? Well, aside from the fact that we love cannabis, it’s also because food is that much better when you’re high. Cannabinoid receptors in your brain are linked to sensations of hunger and appetite, the culprit responsible for the famed munchies.


So, when you take the spicy ramen challenge after smoking weed, your taste buds are hyper-sensitized. The whole experience becomes just that much hotter. And if you’ve got some chili-sensitive people taking the challenge, then you’re in for some pretty epic laughs.


The Easiest Way To Buy Weed

ramen challenge

With greenRush, you can get your buds delivered straight to your door the day of your ramen challenge. It makes the whole thing easier, and no one has to go out to do a weed run - we’ll do it for you.


Enjoy taking the ramen challenge with those of your friends who are brave enough to face the fire!