10 Affordable Holiday Stoner Gifts for Marijuana Enthusiasts

by greenrush
stoner gifts

December is upon us and it’s high time to get a jump on some holiday shopping. For the cannabis connoisseur in your life, these stoner gifts are the perfect way to ensure your favorite toker gets a present that is truly dope.


1. Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook

stoner gifts

Not to blow smoke, but it’s undeniable: many of the best ideas are born from a little inhaled inspiration. Many musicians, writers, and even Tarantino connect creativity with weed. Since this notebook is small and portable, you can share your genius on a weed-to-know basis. Get it from Cool Material for only $8.46.


2. 4:20 Wall Clock

stoner gifts

If there was ever a reason not to smoke weed, this wall clock eliminates it. Before it was 5 o'clock somewhere, it was 4:20. The best part is, the clock still works even if the batteries die, and it serves as an excellent reminder. Anyway, time is just a mental construct used to make sense of movement. Get it for $24.95, but does it really matter?


3. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

stoner gifts

For the stoner with high expectations, these rolling papers are made with only the finest edible gold and a hemp base for what promises to be “the smoothest burn.” There’s nothing wrong with being the suavest smoker in town, after all, it’s just how they roll. Stoner gifts don't come much classier than this. $55 for a twelve pack, and they also come in white gold.


4. Vape Hoodie

stoner gifts

Yeah, this is a thing. In case you don’t have enough opportunities to get baked, this hoodie makes getting high on the go comfier than ever. One style even has a pot leaf for the boldest of weed enthusiasts. Get it for $49.99 from Vaprwear.


5. THC Cannabis Molecule Necklace

stoner gifts

For the Mary Jane in your life, this THC necklace is a subtle nod to their favorite molecule. Stoner gifts can be delicate too and this one is perfect for the ladies and comes in silver and gold. Find it on Etsy for $15.


6. Wax Wallet Silicone Concentrate Storage 3-pack

stoner gifts

For the dabber in your life, here’s something that’s sure to impress. Perfect for keeping your waxes and oils nice and safe, these little containers are silicone lined and easy to slip in and out of your pocket.
Get a three pack for just $19.99.


7. Medtainer

stoner gifts

For the practical smoker, the Medtainer is an air-tight, water-tight container made out of medical grade plastic with a built-in grinder. Its discrete style makes it perfect for everyday use so you can stash your stash just about anywhere. You can get this nifty gadget for an average of $15.00, depending on which style and color you go for. Get it straight from the source at The Medtainer.


8. Northern Lights Glass Pipe

stoner gifts

Bowl over the competition with this beautiful, matte piece made from chameleon glass. At $37.99 it’s a bit pricey, but the hand-blown, sandblasted piece is certainly one of a kind.


9. A Canna Tourism Package

stoner gifts

This should probably be a joint decision, but if you’re looking for greener grasses, various locations in Colorado and Washington offer a bud and breakfast, an Airbnb-like service called travelTHC, and various 420 Tours as low as $49/person. Perfect for that special someone who's dreaming of a green Christmas.


10. Stonerdays Weed Socks

stoner gifts

You’ve seen weed socks.Now get ready for: “the biggest selection of weed socks in the cannabis community.” The perfect stoner gift and a Christmas tradition, at $14.99 these socks come in a dank variety of styles and colors.


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