Weed Smoking Subway Rider Gets Fellow Passengers High On Harlem Train

by greenrush

It seems this past weekend was higher than most for some Harlem subway riders. One generous toker took to sharing his stash on the subway, putting everyone in a good mood and proving that weed really does bring people together.

[video width="840" height="600" mp4="http://blog.greenrush.com/wp-content/uploads/subway-stoner-video.mp4"][/video]

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday shows a blissed-out smoker puffing on a joint on a subway train. One man seems to take offense to the smoker blazing up on the train.


"Everybody's having a tough day," he teases, "You can't just smoke weed."


But confrontation just isn't in Mary Jane's nature and the smoker isn't about to let everyone have a tough day without sharing some of the good stuff around.


"Would you like to take a pull?" he says to the man next to him, to which the man gratefully accepts. He takes a puff and passes the joint along to the woman next to him who also has a smoke.


"Everybody take a pull. Everybody get some good weed!" says the subway stoner.


At least two more people take a pull and even the man who originally complained gets a turn.


"I got the train lit!" the smoker yells. "Only in New York! Only in Harlem!"

It's not known the exact train the passengers were on, only that they were passing through Harlem.


The subway stoner's generous actions seem to have won over not only his fellow passengers but people online as well.


Twitter user Kelly S, who posted the video, wrote, "I was made watching him smoke on the train, but when he passed it... it brought a smile to my face kinda."


What can we say, folks, sharing really is caring.