Tahoe Ski Resorts Ask Guests To Leave Their Weed At Home

by greenrush
tahoe ski resorts

Lake Tahoe ski resorts are asking people to leave their marijuana at home as recreational weed will soon be available on both sides of the California-Nevada border.

California is only days away from recreational marijuana which will take effect on January 1. While some counties have prohibited cannabis entirely, other areas of the state are not quite ready for recreational legalization and have delayed its implementation to later in the month. Nevertheless, it seems everyone is gearing up for the change and businesses have the power to decide how they want marijuana to feature in their establishments (if at all).

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that even with access to marijuana increasing, ski resorts are maintaining current policies that restrict intoxicated people from taking to the slopes.

California Ski Industry Association spokesman Michael Reitzell says the availability of recreational marijuana is not an invitation for people to smoke at ski resorts. He says outdoor sports are not different from any other sport that requires concentration and focus.

Reitzell says involvement in any sport while intoxicated can result in injury.

Smoking and skiing isn’t the only thing under scrutiny

Cannabis and skiing aren’t the only combinations recreational legalization has brought into the spotlight. The role of marijuana and driving, as well as firearms, have come under intense scrutiny and in some cases, laws are still being put into place. Earlier in December, Hawaiian medical marijuana patients were ordered to surrender their firearms due to the concern that the combination of weed and guns could prove to be deadly. Similarly, 2017 saw the establishment of marijuana breathalyzers designed to monitor driving while impaired as well as help employers determine whether their employees are working high.

It remains to be seen the exact way in which recreational marijuana legalization will be implemented in different corners of California. While some businesses may welcome the change with open arms, it is likely that others will follow in the footsteps of Tahoe ski resorts and treat recreational marijuana like alcohol or tobacco, and prohibit it on their premises.