Talking About Weed: How To Tell People You Use Cannabis

by greenrush
talking about weed

Among like-minded people, it’s easy to pour your heart out. Despite the fact that cannabis legalization is spreading across the US, public opinion on the matter remains divided. Even if you’re okay with it, it’s entirely possible that your family and friends aren’t. So, when it comes to talking about weed - or any sensitive topic for that matter - with those who you fear might judge you, what’s the best course of action?


If you would rather keep taking frequent bathroom breaks over Christmas dinner to hit your joint rather than have the “talk”, that’s okay too. But, for a lot of people, it’s time to get past conservatism and liberate the conversation a little bit. At the end of the day, if people aren’t going to judge you for using marijuana, they’ll judge you for something else. So don’t be afraid to tell people who you are confidently. And of course, follow some of our advice to make it as drama-free as possible.


Keep in mind who you’re talking to


Who are you breaking the news to? Is it your boss? Are they your parents or are they your children? Are they just some super judgemental friends that you have? It’s important to remember who your “audience” is going to be, not because you have to adjust your speech or anything but because it’s important to keep in mind what their response might be. This can help you gain some self-confidence before you open the conversation.


Be confident

talking about weed

If you don’t sound confident when you’re telling people about what you do, how can you expect them to take confidence in your decisions? You’ve made the choice as a rational adult to use cannabis, and there’s no need to be overly apologetic or guilty in the face of an argument. Having said that, there’s no reason to be a jerk about things either.


Being confident doesn’t mean being willing to fight about it. You don’t need to defend anything. You’re just informing people. If they want to fight about it, don’t take the bait. Just wait for everybody to relax a little bit more before resuming the discussion.


Accept that it could get weird


Some people aren’t that open and confident as you are about expressing what’s going on for them. Your parents, children or judgemental friend might be people like that. In which case, don’t be surprised to see some very awkward responses. Silence… or screaming… or overly dramatic emotional responses, such as crying.


Don’t forget that you smoke pot all the time and the effect of anti-drug propaganda has basically melted off you. But that isn’t the case for your baby-booming parents. Understand that their responses are coming from, well, decades of brainwashing about what cannabis is.


Anticipate the arguments and prepare facts

talking about weed

Those who heavily disagree with marijuana probably do so because they are completely misinformed. So when you tell them you light up, they might throw every piece of misinformation at you such as - it’s worse than alcohol, it’s a gateway drug or you will get lung cancer from it. Anticipate these arguments, do a little bit of research and give them some new information that they didn’t know about. Such as the fact that marijuana is far less dangerous to use than alcohol and that it’s by no means comparable to smoking cigarettes.


There’s no need to get super scientific with people, addressing their worries will make you look more informed and might put their hearts at ease. When talking about weed, tell them that you use cannabis responsibly (and hopefully you do). And remind them that you won’t show up to babysit your nephews completely high out of your mind (unless you will, of course).


Tell them your story with it


Storytelling is one of the oldest pastimes human beings have had. And now you’re being called upon to use your storytelling skills when talking about weed. Everybody has a story about how they started smoking weed. Maybe it’s a funny story or maybe it changed your life in some way. Perhaps you use it medically to treat some chronic pain. Whatever your story is, share it with them. Get a bit personal and it might make your family or friends a bit softer around the edges.


Be open to talking about it more


Opening this can of worms might make you a magnet for many future discussions to come about this topic. Be open to it rather than shying away from it. Treat it like you’re talking about what kind of laundry powder you use. And it really is that way. It’s another one of many, many choices you make in your life, and it shouldn’t be treated as a bigger deal than it is - especially by you.


If people get emotional in the first conversation you have, it will be important to talk about it again later when everybody has cooled down a bit. Talking about weed might be nerve-wracking for you and you’re the one that smokes it! So be patient if other people aren’t quite ready to be eager listeners yet and open yourself to talking about it again.


It might not be as bad as you think

talking about weed

A lot of the fear you might have about talking about weed could be in your head. As well as we think we know some people, sometimes they surprise us. When you finally spill the beans looking nervous and terrified, your family might break out into laughter and tell you that they’ve known for ages. Now they want you to pull out your bag and piece so that they can have a hit, too.


Okay, it’s not going to be like that for everyone, but you get the point. You might be more worried about being judged than you have to be. Stay calm, and remember, everything will be ok in the end!


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