Tennessee Titan Wears Cannabis Cleats to Show His Support

by greenrush
cannabis cleats

This Sunday's game saw Tennessee Titan linebacker Derrick Morgan advocate for medical marijuana out on the field.  He wore cannabis cleats to support The Realm of Caring Foundation. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reported from Los Angeles that Morgan would wear the cannabis cleats as part of the My Cause, My Cleats campaign in which players wear cleats that support a charity or cause.


The Realm of Caring Foundation is an organization in Colorado that was founded by the makers of Charlotte’s Web, a strain of cannabis that is being used to effectively treat children and people who suffer from severe seizures.


Morgan is openly advocating for the NFL to change their cannabis policy. He is a vegan and does not smoke marijuana himself, but says the NFL’s stance on weed is filled with contradictions because they prescribe addictive opioids that can also be fatal. He also says that the teams are sponsored by alcohol companies, which is more dangerous than weed.


“It’s all about the medicine. It’s all about the medical uses of it. It’s not about guys getting high. It’s really trying to help the guys, ya know, help them with the ailments that come with playing the game of football,” Morgan said.


He added that opioids are way more dangerous than weed and that the plant helps alleviate pain.


This isn't news to cannabis advocates across the nation, however, it is uplifting to see an NFL player demonstrating his support in such a public manner.


Former NFL player Eben Britton said that he used marijuana throughout most of his 6-year career for pain and relaxation. He has dislocated a shoulder, herniated discs and had several concussions during his football career. He said the NFL prescribed opiates that made him feel irritable, sick and insane. Britton said that marijuana was the only thing that helped him to recover and rejuvenate.


Both players said that learning the CBD’s in cannabis could help with brain damage and inflammation caused by playing the game is another reason the NFL should change the rules regarding marijuana. Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller from the University of Pennsylvania agrees, saying "We think it is a potential alternative to highly addictive opiates for pain medication."


Morgan is hoping that the NFL will be more accepting of marijuana now that research is being conducted and people are becoming aware of its health benefits. Perhaps we will be seeing more cannabis cleats out on the field.


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