Watch This Guy Turn On Tesla Autopilot, Lean Back, And Smoke A Joint

by greenrush
tesla autopilot

Don't try this at home! In a recent Instagram video, American comedian Lil Duval was seen taking his hands off the wheel and using them to light a juicy joint. Duval was driving (or, more accurately, being driven by) a Tesla which boasts a revolutionary Tesla autopilot feature, leaving him free to do, well, whatever he wanted.


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The video starts with a shot of Duval's car driving down an open highway. However, as the camera slowly pans left, you notice that nobody is actually driving the car. The camera pans further left still, revealing Duval himself, leaning all the way back in his seat, head back and blunt raised. As he blows smoke into the air, the car keeps doing it's thing and stays on course!


Tesla was designed by Elon Musk and while he probably didn't create the autopilot feature to be used for smoke breaks, it does beg the question as to whether or not smoking in the driver's seat is a possibility.


The Tesla autopilot feature is said to take advantage of "full self-driving hardware" to "provide a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver".


With the rise of self-driving cars, many have brought up questions surrounding impaired drivers. What about alcohol? What should the law say about drunk drivers in self-driven cars?


In Australia, the National Transport Commission recently recommended that those being escorted by driverless cars be exempt from drinking and drug-driving laws, so long as there is no possibility for the human to override the self-driving features.


As self-driving cars become more prominent, it is likely that new laws will emerge to govern those within them.


Lil Duval may have done it for the 'gram but for the safety of yourself and other drivers around you, we'd recommend giving this a pass.


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