The Future of Weed Beverages is Here

by Jessica
CANN tonics, a THC infused rink getting poured into a glass

You could say that the cannabis marketplace is getting a bit crowded. Between the edibles, concentrates, and vape pens, is there room for anything else? But, one of the hot items we are more than willing to make room for these days is weed beverages.

Light, bubbly, and always buzz-worthy, weed drinks are taking California by storm. They offer a non-inhalable way to appreciate the powers of this plant. So, as we head into summer, we are going all-in on weed-infused drinks. 

What's the Big Deal with Weed-Infused Drinks?

Cannabis companies have been trying to perfect the THC-infused drink for a decade or more. It may be simple enough to make your own weed-infused tea, but bottling that into an appealing consumer product is remarkably difficult.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are hydrophobic. This means they don't mix well with water, instead preferring fats and oils. As soon as you mix cannabinoids with a water-based beverage, you tend to get a discolored, separated mixture. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this combo, it's visually not very appealing.

But recently, food developers have cracked the code. Suddenly, with innovations like nanoemulsion, it's possible to mix up cannabinoids with water (and flavors, of course) so that it's both shelf-stable and emulsified.

Nanoemulsion, one of the methods behind the most popular weed drinks, transforms cannabinoid molecules into super small particles. These are small enough to be measured in nanometers. Often this is done by hammering the cannabinoid extractions with ultrasonic waves.

This technology has helped transform the cannabis market and led to some delicious cannabis-infused drinks. Last year alone, Americans slurped back weed drinks to the tune of $95 million.

What Can You Expect When Drinking Weed?

As with any new cannabis product, it's a good idea to know what you are getting into when you first try it out. How much THC does the drink contain, and what are you comfortable with?

The good news with weed beverages, like CANN Cannabis-Infused Social Tonics (one of our all-time favorites), is that you can expect a mellow and predictable high. What's more, the effects come on much faster than the hour or so an edible can take. Expect to feel loose within 10 minutes.

The latest weed drinks are designed to be sessionable, which means you can have more than one and not feel overwhelmed. Toss a few THC drinks in a backpack for a day at the beach, or bring a six-pack over to a friend's for an evening of chilling. These are summer-ready.

Weed-infused drinks are relaxing and sociable and deliver an experience much like you'd expect from a few drinks of alcohol — but without the hangover!

Another benefit to drinking infused beverages? Because they don't contain alcohol, they are better for your waistline. Many brands report 50 percent fewer calories per serving than your favorite beer or cocktail.

The Future of Weed Beverages at Green Rush

This summer, we are getting serious about our lineup of the delicious and sociable weed beverages menu. We've got all your favorites in order, plus a few new exciting options for your next social event.

  • CANN Cannabis-Infused Social Tonics have always been our go-to. We tend to have a six-pack in the fridge at all times. These have blown up on social media, with everyone enjoying the 30-calorie microdoses of fun each can contains. A dose of 2 mg of THC, plus 4 mg of CBD, makes for a perfect uplifting evening.
  • We are also launching with WUNDER, a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage. Every can of WUNDER contains a unique blend of cannabinoids, including 2 mg of Delta-9 THC for the mind, 2 mg of Delta-8 for the body, plus 4 mg of CBD for the soul.
  • For anyone who prefers a product more akin to a nice cold beer, Absolute Xtracts is the answer. Their line of Hi-Fi Hops is hoppy, bubbly, and most importantly, diet-friendly. No carbs, no calories, but all the fun you can expect from a bottle of hopped-up beverage. With a range of options from THC to THC:CBD and different THC levels, these wobbly pops are one of our favorite summer options.
  • A final treat for our weed drink menu this summer is Keef ColaQuench your thirst for a bubbly cola, root beer, and other sweet carbonated drinks but with a dash of THC. Every can of soda contains a delightful 10 mg of THC, a perfect dose for socializing.

With delicious options like strawberry lemonade or lemon-lime, you can make just about any weed-infused drink. A single drop (the equivalent of 5 mg of THC) lets you control the dose.

Cannabis Beverages: Social and Sessionable for Summer

The future of weed beverages is here. Like CANN and WUNDER, they are microdosed buzz that is mellow and super sessionable. Unlike an edible powered with 100 mg of THC, these drinks make your next social adventure fun and carefree. We love weed-infused drinks, which is why we are stocking up this summer.