Toast Cannabis Cigarettes Are Now Available in San Francisco!

by greenrush
toast cannabis cigarettes

San Francisco continues to progress into one of the most exclusive cities in the USA to live in. It has always been a social hub in California, but as the cannabis culture continues to expand, so too does this town’s friendliness and diversity. Weed is definitely one of the things that makes it so easy to meet people in San Francisco - because great minds think alike. And now that you can get Toast Cannabis Cigarettes in San Francisco, it makes even easier to socialize in style.


Smoking weed socially has always been touch and go. You have to carry around buds, papers, filters - not things that necessarily scream grace. While some of us still swear by the rolling ritual there are others who want something a little simpler when they are out on the town. And having cannabis cigarettes in your bag definitely makes things a whole lot easier.


Why Toast Cannabis Cigarettes?

toast cannabis cigarettes

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Toast has revolutionized the way in which we can smoke weed socially. For so long, having a cigarette in your hand while networking or socializing was considered both classy and stylish, however, the more we come to learn about tobacco and its effects on the body, the less graceful it seems. The message behind Toast’s cannabis cigarettes is to Toast Mindfully.


So now you can hold a cannabis cigarette in your hand as a toast in one of the world’s most cannabis-friendly cities. There’s no need for messy papers or a grinder. Instead, your cannabis is very conveniently and beautifully packaged for you.


There’s more than one to choose from

toast cannabis cigarettes

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Toast hasn’t settled for just one kind of cannabis cigarette - because different social events call for different kinds of toasts, right? That’s why you can opt for a Toast Original Slice or you can choose Toast Gold Slices. It all started with the original Toast Cannabis Cigarette, but the gold edition is something like the champagne version.


Original Toast Cannabis Cigarettes rest on a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio, giving the user just the right amount of euphoria while maintaining the balance with CBD. The mind/body experience that is intended with these cannabis cigarettes is one that keeps you socially tuned while feeling good.


For the champagne version, you’re getting a 4:1 CBD:THC ratio. The strains that are chosen for these blends are higher in CBD, your active calming component. Toast describes the effect of the Gold Slices as an effervescent effect as if you’ve just sipped on one glass of champagne. Gold slices are also beautifully adorned with a gold filter and insignia.


Where can you get your hands on Toast?


Toast Cannabis Cigarettes are now for sale in San Francisco. They are available for purchase at CanEx, Marie’s Deliverables, Golden Leaf and The Health Center and can all be purchased through With options for delivery and pick up, greenRush is the easiest way to buy weed. Get your Toast cannabis cigarettes today!