True OG - The Original Gansta'

by greenrush

True OG is, as the name suggests, the posterboy for the whole OG phenotype. As relaxing as the gentle sea breeze that makes this ocean grown original such a champion, True OG is a cannabis strain for cannaseurs, and you can now get True OG delivered.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at one of California’s favorite strains. Step aside, Tupac, this is the original True OG.

True OG - The Original Gangsta'


True OG is a popular indica strain straight out of Southern California. A descendant of the ever popular OG overlord, OG Kush, its genetics can be traced back to the first ever cultivation of the cannabis plant thousands of years ago in Northern India’s Hindu Kush mountain range - hence the name. And even though its genetics might be old, this strain is a product of some of the most effective and exciting grow operations the world has ever seen.

The Look

The buds themselves are some of the most attractive cannabis delivered in California. Big, bold and beautifully dense, they are the perfect cannabis hue: As green as green can be. Weaving their way around the chunky buds are also crisp, fiery, orange hairs that make this bud look more like something from a 16th century painting than something you’re about to burn.

Moreover, coating the flower in a glass suit of armor are some of the densest concentrations of trichomes you’ll ever see. Just grazing your finger along the bud will coat your skin in some serious resin - and release an almighty aroma.

[caption id="attachment_2443" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Buy True OG Image courtesy of Topshelf Enterprises.[/caption]

The smell is one that experienced kush users will be all too familiar with. Protruding from the flower is a delightfully refreshing citrusy scent; one that’s wrapped up in just enough of that potent diesel smell to remind patients that True OG is a mighty member of the kush family.

As soon as it is administered, the taste is representative of its smell: It’s piney, citrusy and as earthy as could be. And leaving a lingering taste of kush long after it’s gone, you won’t forget about True OG in a hurry.

The Effect

The effect of True OG is one that’s helped it win six various titles at the High Times Cannabis Cup. A heavy, THC-filled indica, True OG is known for delivering an incredibly relaxing, euphoric effect, ushering in a level of couchlock that renders patients adrift in a sea of bliss for hours to come. And while this might make True OG one to avoid during the day, it makes it the perfect strain to help unwind at night. Moreover, in keeping with the fine kush tradition, True OG leaves patients with a lingering, sometimes overwhelming, feeling of happiness. Kush does mean happiness in Hindi, after all…

[caption id="attachment_2442" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Image courtesy of Dank Depot on Flickr. Image courtesy of Dank Depot on Flickr.[/caption]

Medical Effects

Due to its high THC content, True OG is a great strain for treating stress and depression. Moreover, thanks to continuous couchlock, patients have praised True OG for its anti-insomnia properties, helping people to slide off to sleep moments after administration. For the same reason, True OG is great for combating headaches, treating lingering pain, nausea, and for helping patients who struggle with appetite.

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