Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Banning 420 Events Across The Country 

by greenrush
420 events

The Donald Trump administration has banned 420 events across the United States. The current president signed the executive order on March 31, 2018.


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The order has come after repeated attempts by the Trump administration to cause trouble for legal marijuana in the United States. Both Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have voiced their support for the death penalty for drug traffickers in recent weeks. Cannabis businesses have not been excluded from this idea either, as marijuana is still federally illegal in the United States.


Earlier this year, Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama era policy that allowed legal cannabis to flourish across the country. The Cole Memo prevented federal enforcement agencies from intervening in cannabis affairs in states where it is legal.


This latest action by the Trump administration has put the future of numerous 420 events across the country into jeopardy. Events like Hippie Hill in San Francisco and the National Cannabis Festival in D.C. were set to be some of the biggest in the country this year.

420 events

A group of cannabis advocates has started a petition to preserve 420 events across the nation and preserve the people's right to celebrate cannabis in states where it is legal. The group is calling on people to help save 420 by adding their signature to a growing list. According to the group, it's important people voice their opinion on the executive order with the view to stop it moving forward. 500,000 signatures are needed to present the petition to the government.


Save 420!


Add your name to the list and save 420 events across the country from harsh and unnecessary cannabis laws.