The Best of Valentine's Day Cannabis Delivery 2016

by greenrush


Be My Valentine, Mary Jane?

The Best of Valentine's Day Cannabis Delivery

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Go Green for V-Day!

Valentine's day is all about sharing and spreading the love in your life. Why not share your love for cannabis? This Valentine's day marks a turning point in the arrival of cannabis-infused delights. From edible chocolates and candies, to brand new topicals and sensual oils. Cannabis may be just what you need to make this V-day special. Check out some of the great new products available right now for your Valentine's Day Cannabis Delivery!

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Delectable Creations

As the cannabis industry becomes more legitimized the market for edibles is expanding rapidly giving rise to a new generation of great tasting and potent edible treats sure to satisfy any sweet tooth this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Is Good for the Soul

Edible cannabis is reaching new heights with great tasting treats that pack a powerful punch. Companies like Kiva Edibles take creating great tasting edible chocolates to a new level of uncompromised flavor and potency. Their line of chocolate creations never fall short on taste or strength and thats why they're Bay Area favorites. Available now from All Bay DeliverySF Green DeliveryCalifornia's Kindest, and many other GreenRush partners.

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Butter Her Up

Turn almost anything into an edible by baking or cooking with cannabis infused butter. Great for almost any food, just add a tablespoon of butter and enjoy a strong cannabis euphoria after your meal.

Cannabutter can be found at dispensaries throughout California, OC Compassionate Care and Mesa Collective to name a few, and is a patient favorite for those who need to medicate without smoke.

Be sure to enjoy cannabutter responsibly as it can be very potent!


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Topical Times

Infused cannabis is quickly expanding into the topical marketplace with a variety of skin-bound cannabinoid creations great for every Valentine's day cannabis delivery. From Pain Relief to Intimate moments, cannabis is here to help.

The Magic Touch

Massage oil is a great new way to medicate, relax, and bond at the same time. Nothing makes a massage better than having cannabinoid goodness rubbed into all of your sore muscles. Guaranteed to satisfy anyone seeking a good massage or a relaxing night, body oil is a must-have when ordering your Valentine's day cannabis delivery.
Thera Cann has a line of great topical products including body oil and is available now at Lifted420. Check your local deliveries for their lines of topical products.

Something Special
New from Foria Pleasure is a product sure to spark some interest this Holiday. For your Valentine's day cannabis delivery try this all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for her pleasure. Contains the finest CO2 extracted oil sourced from organically grown cannabis. Known for its ability to make her night one she'll remember; this is a must try for cannabis couples.

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Bathtime Haze
Another Valentines' favorite cannabis-creation is the new THC-infused bath bomb. These bath salts by Dixie Botanicals add a whole new level of relaxation to your bath. Effective and quick-acting with a variety of scents and effects, some cannabis-infused bath time may be just what your significant other needs this Holiday.



Be Prepared!

Don't let yourself get caught off guard this year! Be ready with the latest and greatest in couples cannabis for a Valentine's day cannabis delivery you're both sure to remember. Use the promo code below, sign up for GreenRush today, and you'll receive $20 off your first FOUR orders. Happ V Day!

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