Vera Twomey Finally Secures Medical Cannabis License for Her Daughter

by greenrush
vera twomey

Vera Twomey, a mother from Cork, Ireland, has finally won the right for her daughter to legally access medical marijuana in her home country of Ireland.


Only 7 years-old, her daughter, Ava Barry, suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, which could leave the young girl suffering from hundreds of seizures a week.


Unable to access the life-altering medication Ava needed, Vera moved herself and her daughter to the cannabis-friendly Holland where Ava was able to gain legal access to full-extract cannabis oil (containing THC). Since then, the number of seizures Ava experiences has dropped dramatically. Whilst she had previously been suffering from up to 500 seizures a month, now that number is less than 10.


Now, Ava and her mother can finally come home.


Ireland’s Minister of Health, Simon Harris has finally granted Ava the right to a choice in her medication.


“I’m very pleased I was in a position to sign another license for a citizen in this country, a little girl, to access a medicinal cannabis product,” he said. “It’s the third license since becoming minister for health. All licenses that have been validly submitted with the support of a monitoring consultant in Ireland have been granted.”


Whilst cannabis remains illegal in Ireland, it is hoped that Ava’s cause will raise awareness of the issue. From walking 260km from Cork to Dublin to moving all the way to Amsterdam, Vera has definitely drawn attention to an extremely important issue.


Whilst sufferers of conditions like epilepsy don’t have to move whole countries away here in the U.S., families are still being torn apart because members are not able to access the medicine they need within their home state. One girl recently made headlines for suing Jeff Sessions because she is not able to access the medicine she needs in her home state of Texas and was forced to move to Colorado.


Ava and Vera’s story is yet another example of the changes that need to made across the world to ensure patients are able to access the medicinal cannabis they need to improve and manage their own conditions.


Vera Twomey took to Facebook to spread the good news that she and her daughter will be coming home, just in time for Christmas!


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