Veterans Going Into Battle Over Medical Marijuana In Indiana

by greenrush
marijuana in indiana

A group of military veterans is advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana in Indiana. They are butting heads with county prosecutors who are bent on making sure state leaders take a strong stance against legalization "in any form, for any purpose."


This issue has been a prevalent one in the debate on legalization versus criminalization. Many veterans are pro-legalization, as many fall into opioid addiction after leaving the forces. Marijuana is a better alternative to deadly opioids that are often prescribed as painkillers.


Jimmy Giordana said, "we're looking for the medical value and benefits and to get off all the alphabet soup of meds at the VA."


Giordano served in the U.S. Army for eight years. He saw combat overseas while providing security for NATO. He said he suffered spine, ankle and hip injuries and was later diagnosed with PTSD, all of which he was prescribed various medications for.


Those against the legalization of marijuana in Indiana, medical or otherwise, are concerned that marijuana could exacerbate the opioid epidemic that is enveloping not only the state but the entire nation.


This is despite numerous studies that show cannabis, in fact, has the opposite effect on opioid use.


Governor Holcomb said, "The FDA is the organization that approves drugs in this country," and it's not behind legalization. He added, "at this time right now I'm trying to get drugs off the street and not more into the mix, so I'm not supportive of that."


Veterans for Medical Cannabis plans to hold a news conference Thursday to make the case for adding Indiana to the 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana.


It remains to be seen whether the support of veterans will push the state towards legalization.


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