Watch This YouTuber Take 100 Bong Hits in A Row

by greenrush
100 bong hits

Last week, two doctors claimed they had reported the first ever marijuana overdose. Earlier this week, those same doctors clarified that the death of the patient was not, in fact, caused by cannabis. Now, Marijuana Mermaid, a prominent marijuana Youtuber, has given us proof that it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana by taking 100 bong hits in a row.


For those of you familiar with YouTube videos, the video starts off normally. Marijuana Mermaid (or, Frances), sits in her bedroom and explains to the camera what she is about to do. She shows us some cool gear she’s been gifted as well as the strains she plans on smoking. Sceptics might be quick to question the strength of the strains she’s chosen but rest assured, she’s not trying to play us.


The strains Frances smokes are Stardog, a hybrid strain with 17.50% THC and 0% CBD; and Blue City Diesel, another hybrid strain with 17.30% THC and 0.40% CBD.


She also uses a variety of methods to smoke, including a bong, bubbler and joint.


Keeping count might be a problem after the first 10 hits, let alone 100, so Frances decides to use a counter app on her phone to keep count of how many hits she’s taken. She then goes ahead and smokes a total of 100 hits.


In all honesty, we’re impressed. By the end of the video, she’s doing remarkably well and doesn’t even look as high as you might expect.


“This is not good for your lungs. This is not good for your body probably,” she says after 10 hits. However, other than that observation, Frances seems fine. And guess what? She doesn’t die.


The video ends with Frances deciding it’s time for some donuts as a severe case of the munchies comes on. After 100 bong hits, if anyone deserves donuts, it’s you, Frances.


Don’t believe it? Watch the video for yourself:




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