You Need To Add These Weed Gadgets To Your Collection

by greenrush
weed gadgets

Weed gadgets are for the modern day stoner: the one for whom getting high on a mountain is equally as important as smoking concentrates out of a badass dabbing rig. Weed gadgets are for those who don’t really care about having the newest wheels but care very deeply about having a smoking experience that is out of this world. Everybody’s priorities are different, right?


It’s really cool to feel like inspector gadget when your friends come over for a smoke. Whatever the “problem” is, you have a great “solution” for it. Whether it’s the newest automated grinder or the best desktop vaping volcano, having some nifty gadgets around adds a new level of fun to the smoking experience. Here are 5 awesome weed gadgets you need to add to your collection.


The Magical Butter Machine

weed gadgets

If you like to make edibles but can’t be bothered with all of the hard work, this one’s for you. Making cannabutter can be stressful, man! You have to watch that pot like a hawk to make sure it doesn’t boil or burn. Plus, the smell is bound to draw the attention of the noses of your housemates, neighbors or the entire apartment block. The last thing you want is burned cannabutter and the police knocking on your door.


Enter the Magical Butter Machine. We definitely recommend decarboxylating your buds before using it. Simply add butter or oil, botanicals, turn it on and leave it alone for about a day. It has a built-in thermostat to keep the temperature under control. It can be a little bit loud, so store it in the garage or somewhere equally isolated while it’s working. You can even use the Magic Butter Machine to make tinctures by replacing the oil or butter with grain alcohol.


You can buy the Magical Butter Machine on Amazon or through the official website for less than $180.



weed gadgets

Ok - some weed gadgets are simply for the novelty - and while Pensimple might look that way, we promise you, it’s not. This gadget is pretty awesome, and far outdoes some of the goofier stoner gadgets you can buy for inconspicuous storage solutions. Let’s be honest, solutions for hiding weed have become so common and overdone, that that “Coca-Cola” can you’ve had sitting on your bedside table for two months isn’t fooling anybody anymore.


The Pensimple is a grinder, a storage solution and a dispenser all in one. It can store up to a gram of weed (and up to three grams if you remove the grinding teeth). It grinds your weed for you, on demand. With the push of a button, it will also pack your pipe, bong or even pre-roll. Okay, $69 is kind of expensive, but it’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, and it’s just a cool gadget to own.



weed gadgets

If you’re looking for cannabis storage that’s a little bit more sophisticated, then the LEAF should thoroughly impress you. At $3,000, storage isn’t all you’re getting either. It’s a complete innovation in cannabis growing. The unit itself is about the size of a refrigerator and comes completely equipped. All you have to do is put your plants in and wait. The lighting schedule is completely automated, as is the nutrient delivery system. This miniature grow house isn’t just for growing weed either. It can grow all kinds of herbs and vegetables. So, if you want to take high-tech stoner gadgets to the next level, LEAF is a very cool toy to have.


8-Arm Revolver Bowl

weed gadgets

Because if you’re going to smoke a bowl, you might as well go all the way, right? This cool weed smoking device lets you pack eight bowls before lighting up. That’s correct, eight. It looks like the revolving magazine of a firearm and can solve a lot of smoking circle dilemmas. Eight people in the smoking circle? No problem, fill up the eight bowls, attach it to your bong and start passing it around. Of course, the other possibility is that you’re just feeling crazy and want to light up eight bowls at the same time. The choice is yours. For $30 this is a must-have bong attachment to buy. You can find one at Stuff For Stoners!


The BeWild Watch Grinder

It’s always 4:20 somewhere. If that’s true for you, then you could probably have fun with this kind of dinky weed gadget. What’s crazy is that this watch-grinder-thingamabob costs less than $20, making it cheaper than most grinders you can buy. And it features the same quartz technology that most watches do. Technically, it’s a fully functioning grinder and watch but don’t expect the life-cycle of the watch to match anything expensive.


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Having high-tech devices adds a whole new element to the weed experience - plus it’s fun to show off to your friends! Now all you need is the pot to go with your new weed gadgets. With options for delivery and pick up, greenRush is the easiest way to buy weed. Start your order today.