How To Make A Weed Scrambled Eggs Omelet

by greenrush
weed scrambled eggs

Humans have been waking and baking for a long time. It’s probably the oldest stoner pastime. But the weed scrambled eggs omelet is a whole new creative way to experience a wake and bake. It’s definitely much tastier than a bong and will fill up your belly at the same time as it excites those cannabinoids receptors in your brain.


Cooking with cannabis has become an art in the culinary world. But you don’t have to run around to dispensaries looking for weed edibles. You can bring this delicious artform into your very own kitchen.


Get your cannabutter prepared

weed scrambled eggs

This recipe doesn’t really require anything outside of your standard staples, with the exception of cannabutter. If you’re going to be making your own cannabutter (rather than buying it from a dispensary), then you’ll need to prepare for this recipe a couple of days in advance.


Making cannabutter is extremely easy, albeit a little bit time-consuming. Thankfully, we have a handy cannabutter recipe if you need some help making your own!


Don’t be afraid to get creative


Your weed omelet can be as basic or as complicated as you like. If you want to throw blue cheese in there, you can do that too! The beautiful thing about this weed scrambled eggs omelet is that you can add any ingredients you like to the ones that are mentioned in the recipe.


The sky's the limit when it comes to cooking with weed, and the best things in life are born of creativity. Don’t be afraid to give your spice rack a little bit of exercise in this process, either!


Get your kitchen bench ready


You will need to get a few items ready to create your scrumptious weed scrambled eggs omelet. The recipe is written below, but it’s best to get your kitchen ready for everything that you will need.


Aside from all of the delicious ingredients, you will need:


- An egg beater

- A bowl

- A skillet

- A spatula


And this is how you do it

weed scrambled eggs



- 3 eggs

- 1 pinch baking powder

- 2 tbsp half-and-half cream

- 3 tbsp chopped green onions

- 1⁄2 tsp garlic salt

- black pepper

- 2 tbsp cannabutter

- 3⁄4 cup finely chopped cooked ham

- 2 tbsp chopped green bell peppers

- 2 tbsp chopped tomatoes

- 3 sliced mushrooms

- 3 tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

- 3 tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese




In a small bowl, beat the eggs, baking powder, cream, onions, garlic salt, and pepper.


Heat cannabutter in a 10-inch skillet over medium-high heat; add the egg mixture.


As the eggs set; lift the edges with a spatula, letting uncooked portion flow underneath.


Sprinkle with ham, green peppers, tomato, and mushrooms.


When eggs are set, remove from heat, and fold omelet in half.


Sprinkle with both cheeses and cover the frypan until cheese has melted.


And there it is! Enjoy your weed omelet and have fun waking and baking in a different way!


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