What Are Dabs And How Do You Use Them?

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what are dabs

Dabs are becoming the preferred way to smoke marijuana for cannabis enthusiasts that are looking for a super concentrated experience. They also give people immediate relief from chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia. Whether you’re looking to add more flavor to your life or you need some potent medicine, getting yourself a dab set up may be the best investment you've made in a long time. You may be asking, what are dabs? Well, just keep reading…


So what are dabs, exactly?


Dabs refer to the hash oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant which contains high concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Professionals in the industry called Concentrate Extractors may use solvents that contain butane and propane in the extraction process but some just use a high heat press which creates a solventless “rosin”.


The types of hash oil that people can “vaporize” go by the names wax, shatter, sugar, terp sauce, live resin, solventless rosin, and distillate. Some companies claim their oil is “pure” and in fact solventless by using a C02 extraction process which allows the oil to retain super high amounts of THC but with no C02 residue.


Dabbers and dispensaries now refer to regular weed as flower, which can range from 5% to more than 30% THC content. Concentrates, on the other hand, can have up to 99% concentrated THC as well as some CBD isolates can have 99% cannabinoid content. A tic-tac sized dab could contain up to 50mg or more of THC per hit, but unlike edibles, the effects are almost immediate. When smoking a bowl, you may consume up to 10mg of THC but you are at risk of being affected by the combustion of the flower material which some say can be carcinogenic.


When you consider the potency and potential health benefits of vaporizing versus smoking, it will be easy to see that dabbing may be bang for your buck!


How Did Dabs Originate And What Are Dabs Used For?

what are dabs

Back in the day when our grandparents smoked weed, hippies used to add hash to their joints and bowls to add extra potency. The stoners from the 70’s were not the first humans to utilize hash, and in fact, it has been cherished in India as medicine and ancient Persia for thousands of years.


Modern-day hash, or hashish, is very popular to use in Europe and all over the world. The resin contains the trichomes, which contain terpenes and other cannabinoids that are known for producing positive therapeutic effects. Hashish around the world may only contain 30% THC which is low compared to the average concentrated product on the market today.


Educated professionals, mostly working in the United States, are now responsible for creating a new culture that is embracing stronger medicine. In a world where millions of people are living in chronic pain and sickness, advancing cannabis medicine is responsible for helping many of these people live a pain-free, healthy life.
How are dabs made?


There are new methods of extraction processing being created every day but only a few are being used on a mass retail scale. Dab companies like Olio, are changing the scene by producing the dankest dabs specially made for connoisseurs in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Their website reads “we gently agitate our fresh frozen flowers in an ice and water bath to separate the trichome heads from their stalk and any plant matter. We then filter the trichome rich water through various screens to collect the resin by size. The resulting product is dried using a state of the art freeze-drying unit to ensure the product is free of any water. Our rosin is pressed from freshly extracted ice wax at the lowest possible temperature and pressure, filtering away any contaminants while creating a flavorful, ultra-refined budder or sap that dabs just like hydrocarbon extracts.”


How to use dabs

what are dabs

Now that we know what they are, what are dabs used on? Getting into dabbing requires a pretty steep upfront cost. Dab rigs are an essential part of the process and can be costly. The setup can be intimidating for a non-smoker or even someone who has only smoked good ol’ fashioned joints their whole adult life. Some people get so high the first time they take a dab it actually deters them away from the trying anything potent in the future. They end up sticking to low THC flower or CBD products to avoid the psychoactive effects of the THC cannabinoid.


Using a glass rig with a quartz banger (nail) is a popular way that dab lovers use to get huge rips of concentrated cannabis. You will need the rig, the banger, or “bowl”, a high flame torch and a scooper tool to put your dabs on the hot “nail” while you pull the vaporized smoke into your lungs. You don't need to hold the smoke in your chest because this may cause intense coughing or discomfort. Do not hit the dab while the nail is red hot, it may be over 800 degrees at this point. Techy potheads with electronic (E) nails will set their dab temperatures to as low as 400 degrees to ensure they taste all the flavor of the oil and also save their throat from getting burned. It's always better to start low, and go slow!


There seems to be a big draw towards smoking on cartridges that are already pre-filled with oil which is extremely convenient but still more potent than just smoking flower. Purchasing a “vape pen” battery and the pre-loaded cartridge from your local dispensary is all you need to be puffing away your pain. You can even get it delivered to your doorstep!


Remember, moderation is key


So, what are dabs? They're highly potent! Dabbing can be very effective at alleviating all sorts of ailments, but moderation is encouraged. There has been no official research done on the long-term effects of dabbing on the endocannabinoid system so dab wisely!


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