Not What You Remember: Why Pre-rolls are Better Than Ever

by Jessica
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Forget the bland, stale pre-rolls of the past. Ready-made joints are the fastest growing cannabis products on the market. This boom was helped by the COVID-19 pandemic. During lockdowns, cannabis connoisseurs in the Bay Area wanted pre-roll delivery to get their hands on premium joints without leaving home. 

How big was the increase? Sales increased almost 50 percent during 2020, with over $942 million spent on pre-rolls in states with recreational cannabis.

New, high-quality products made it worth their while. So now cannabis-lovers everywhere are discovering that pre-rolls are convenient, affordable, and accessible products that are here to stay.

Pre-rolls Are All Grown Up

You’ve probably smoked some dodgy pre-rolls in your time. But we promise that things have changed. Back in the day, pre-rolls were often made with “shake:” leftover bud that couldn’t be sold as flower. That bud included offcuts, stalks, and leaves—far from a premium product.

But as demand for pre-rolls has increased, budtenders and growers have responded by creating high-quality pre-rolls to rival their other products. They use the best strains, pack joints with high-quality flower, and use new technology to roll them just right.

Now, you can find a huge variety of pre-rolls lovingly crafted from the best strains on the market.

Infused Pre-rolls: High-end, High-value 

A trend for infused pre-rolls is taking off, too. By infusing regular joints with concentrated hash—resin, kief, or diamonds, for example—professionals create more potent, flavorful, and memorable smokes. 

The most high-end pre-rolls can sell for upwards of $100. But you don’t need to spend that much to get your hands on a great product. 

Why Are Pre-rolls So Popular? 

[caption id="attachment_9817" align="alignright" width="546"]Two pre-rolls sitting in a ashtray Easy, tasty, and better than ever. Pre-rolls are backed by popular demand.[/caption]

Pre-rolls grew faster than the overall cannabis market last year. But why? Ready-made joints have been around for decades, but they’re having a moment right now.

Well first, pre-rolls aren’t what they used to be. As we mentioned, there’s now a huge and varied market of high-quality products for consumers to choose from.

And a pre-roll is one of the simplest ways of consuming cannabis. Learning to roll the perfect joint takes time—or you could just let the experts do it for you. 

Pre-rolls are also discrete, easy to store and transport, and affordable. You can buy them individually or in packs of five or six, and they won’t break the bank. 

Mini Pre-rolls: a Pandemic Trend?

While pre-rolls traditionally contain around 1g of bud, the pandemic has created a trend for smaller, or “mini,” joints with 0.5g. More people are smoking at home rather than passing a joint around at a party, so smaller and more affordable products are taking off. 

While we hope we’ll be sharing our weed again soon, we won’t be surprised if these lighter joints stick around.

How to Pick the Perfect Pre-roll

High-quality pre-rolls are now easy to order online in the Bay Area and beyond. But you still need to be sure what you’re buying. 

The most important thing is to choose a strain that you love. Great pre-rolls will be made from great bud, simple as that. You can find pre-rolls made from the most popular strains in California as well as from more niche flowers.

If you’re looking for the best possible high, consider splashing out on an infused pre-roll. It’s a premium product: You might pay more, but you’ll almost certainly have a better experience. You can also choose a pre-roll that’s infused with other waxes to add flavor to the smoke.

Finally, take a look at the rolling papers used. They can affect the experience of the joint, and the best pre-rolls are made with organic, unbleached papers.

Is There a Bay Area Pre-roll Delivery Near Me?

Almost certainly, yes! It’s easier than ever to order pre-rolls for delivery in the Bay Area. Green Rush offers a wide range of pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls, and we deliver to zip codes all over San Francisco within a couple of hours.