No Traffic, No parking: Why We Love Weed Delivery

by Jessica
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San Francisco cannabis delivery flourished during COVID-19. And, like other forms of now-popular e-commerce, it will continue to thrive due to the benefits it offers consumers. Getting weed delivered has become a habit for many.

In this post, we will explore how buying weed has changed since COVID-19 lockdowns. We were curious about what was drawing consumers to online dispensaries so we looked at: 

  • Benefits of online delivery
  • Statistics on the online shopping explosion
  • How to order cannabis online for delivery

The Countless Benefits of Online Delivery 

During COVID-19, cannabis sales grew exponentially in the US. A huge part of this growth has resulted from e-commerce sales. 

Like other retailers, cannabis dispensaries leveraged technology and the need for internet shopping during the pandemic. The trend toward online ordering and delivery has helped create shopping opportunities that feel safe for consumers. 

Many benefits accompany online delivery. Beyond the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your own home, ordering cannabis online can lower stress and offer greater selection and time to explore and learn. 

What would you choose to do if you could skip traffic and parking and get cannabis delivered right to your door? Many are opting to shop online, simply to avoid the headache of city driving, which further helps those who consume cannabis to relax. 

San Francisco cannabis delivery allows consumers to take their time learning about different strains, which in turn supports learning about cannabis and making informed, supportive selections. 

Statistics and News on Cannabis Consumption During COVID-19

Because of COVID-19 lockdowns, online dispensaries saw massive upward growth. A Flowhub article states that “in the 30 days following the March 13 declaration of a national emergency, new delivery customer sign-ups jumped by nearly 60%.” Sales increases followed. 

Many online dispensaries saw massive growth in their sales and customer bases. 

A TechCrunch article from December 2020 claimed, “Experts estimate that the pandemic accelerated the shift to e-commerce by five years.” In other words, COVID-19 caused online shopping for cannabis to grow five times the expected rate in a single year. 

How We Deliver Cannabis 

At Green Rush, there are two options for cannabis delivery. If you have time to plan ahead, you can set up a scheduled delivery. This gives you access to a greater variety of products. Take your time reading about each product and choose what will best suit your needs. 

If you prefer to order in real time, you can use the express option. While this offers a smaller menu you will have your product delivered directly to you within 90 minutes. 

A few months ago, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to order from our website. 

If you’ve never ordered cannabis online, make sure to check it out. It will help you understand how to navigate the website. 

San Francisco Cannabis Delivery During Covid-19 Lockdowns 

Similar to purchasing groceries and other items online, buying cannabis for home delivery makes life simpler. During this busy time, people are seeking ways to create more ease in their lives, and online ordering supports this. 

COVID-19 caused cannabis consumers to change their habits and move to online shopping during lockdowns. With the benefits of convenience, stress reduction, and variety, it seems that online cannabis shopping is here to stay.