Women And Weed: How Women Are Shaping The Cannabis Industry

by greenrush
women and weed

The cannabis industry is in the beginning stages of world domination. Millions of men and women from every culture are experiencing the healing benefits of cannabis. The way the world operates is finally transforming as new generations are keen to welcome fresh ideas and ways of living. The beauty of the cannabis industry right now lies in its infancy - there is still no real idea of how big this baby could actually get, or what it might look like. Women and weed go hand in hand and some of marijuana's most well-known figures are powerful women. Here's how they're shaping the future of the industry.


The Majority Of Cannabis Consumers Are Women

When they say, “You’ve got an eye!” I interpret it as, what I’d like to call, High-Def Canna-optics. Last week I was truly inspired by all the posts focused on cannabis legalization. And, as we all blaze forward into unfamiliar territory, I find myself more and more anxious about the future of cannabis! The last couple days, I’ve even been avoiding the news, the articles, the posts, as it all is too overwhelming. At the end of the day, I’ve always thought this—Be true to you!!! As an artist and daily cannabis user, I have to come from a place of pure love and respect in every aspect of what I create. And moving forward, I will continue to shoot this plant in its highest light. Thank you to all my new followers! Your continued support motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing. ??#CannabalCity #ArtsDistrictLA #3CFarms @hightimesmagazine @dopemagazine @sensimagazine @cannabisnow @ireadculture _______________________________________ #losangeles #dtla #artsdistrict #medicalmarijuana #weedmaps #leafly #weedculture #ganja #weedsociety #indica #sativa #hybrid #vape #concentrates #holistichealth #artsdistrict #cannabiscommunity #420 #710 #710society #successfulstoner #prop215 #mmj

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According to a 2017 report on cannabis user demographics, 58% of women surveyed said they consume cannabis whereas only 41% of men responded yes to cannabis consumption. The report goes on to explain how the results “mirror national trends and statistics in traditional markets, where women make the majority of purchasing decisions, including 80% of family healthcare decisions.”


Cannabis companies like Foria, are hearing the cry from women to create products that alleviate pain associated with specific feminine issues, like period cramps. Foria Wellness, a Denver based company, has created a medicated product made out of THC, CBD isolate and cocoa butter that women insert the same way they would a tampon.  The combination literally melts away menstrual pain and some women are swearing by the effectiveness of these suppositories.  Along with feminine specific products, the company has also created a line of medicated merchandise to stimulate sensuality and sexuality. From the marketing on their website to the gorgeous packaging, it’s easy to see that this entire brand is marketed to women who are open to new experiences.

women and weed

The Cannabis Consumer report shows that almost 85% of cannabis consumers use weed more than once a day and almost half of them spend over $200 a month on their pot products. As it becomes more evident that women are purchasing the majority of cannabis products, companies will make increased efforts to create and market products specifically for women. This could be a good or bad thing – whilst this will create an incentive for companies to create cannabis products that women can benefit from, there’s always the danger of product marketing going overboard and becoming, well, insulting. Ahem, ‘lady chips’, we’re looking at you.


Women Account For 36% Of Executive Positions In The Cannabis Industry

women and weed

Women tend to thrive in industries where creativity is encouraged.  The weed industry is in the early stages of development and is providing women all over the country with an opportunity to rise to the top.


The cannabis industry’s workforce is now comprised of over 100,000 people within the United States and is projected to grow to over 300,000 full-time jobs by 2020.  At this point, it’s hard to know what percentage of those jobs are handled by women but the Cannabis Consumer report notes that “women also account for 36% of executive positions within the new cannabis industry.”  One-third of industry decisions are being made by female entrepreneurs.


There is no glass ceiling and there is no limit on the possibilities of this emerging industry.  From marketing experts to “Master Growers”, women are not only getting high paying jobs, they are running the companies that are creating these desirable careers. Anyone who makes a name for themselves in the cannabis industry is respected, no matter their gender, age or ethnicity.


There are some smart women getting into the industry in its early stages to guarantee themselves a lead in their niche market.


Women And Weed And Politics

women and weed

When it comes to women and weed, influential women in the industry like Jane West, who founded Women Grow, are creating a network of female leaders within the industry that empowers entrepreneurs and even has the power to affect legislation. Many women in marijuana advocacy groups are willing to show up to Washington or any state legislature to voice their opinion on current cannabis laws. If the industry continues to operate under the “law of the land”, women who are interested in a career in the cannabis industry must stay up to date on current cannabis laws.  Educated lawyers are going to become some of the most highly demanded professionals for an industry that needs unlimited legal advice.  Some women are already becoming famous for their impact on the industry, and this is just the beginning!


Women and weed: Two of the most beautiful gifts on the planet. The divine beauty of the marijuana plant helps us appreciate what the feminine spirit offers this world. Women are shaping the cannabis industry by pushing the boundaries of progress, affecting change and showing the world that they are good at what they do. Together, we can create a booming, inclusive cannabis industry that everyone can be proud of!


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