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Above Top Shelf

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Above Top Shelf offers a line of Moonrocks, Gummies, and Beverages that rival any top-shelf cannabis product. Have an out-of-this-world experience with a toke from Above Top Shelf moonrocks, or sail to Saturn with a dose from of Saturn Syrup. No matter which of premium edible or hash-and-kief-covered flowers you choose, incredible flavor and effects are sure to follow. Achieve higher highs with the incomparable quality of Above Top Shelf.  

When the founder of Above Top Shelf entered the cannabis industry in 2010, he envisioned a brand that would break the status quo. Medical cannabis legalization is near and dear to the heart of the company, both for the founder and the Above Top Shelf team. They worked diligently to perfect each product, and bring the best moonrocks and edibles to market. Since Above Top Shelf launched, the team is overwhelmed by the incredible response from their customers. Much care and quality control go into each of Above Top Shelf’s products, and it shows --patients have loved each of the items on the menu and show overwhelming support on social media. Today, Above Top Shelf remains committed to quality and appreciates the opportunity to be a source of relief for California patients everywhere. 

Touch down on the Holy Grail of wellness with one of Above Top Shelf’s Moonrocks, which come in Strawberry and Vanilla flavors and are made with Holy Grail flowers covered in premium Hash Oil then rolled in a thick layer of Kief. Experience the uplifting elation and powerful body high with every toke of this heavy-hitter. Above Top Shelf also crafts two premium smoke-free options. Launch your euphoria into hyperdrive with one of their Space Bears, each offers 30 mg of active THC and they’re available in Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Lime flavors. Take your endocannabinoid system on a space odyssey with Above Top Shelf’s Saturn Syrups in three delicious flavors including Bubble Gum, Grape, and Cherry. Saturn Syrups are offered in 1000 mg, 250 mg, and 150 mg options. Find your vessel of wellness on the Above Top Shelf menu and follow them on Weedmaps and Instagram to stay up-to-date with their latest innovations. 

Above Top Shelf proudly offers lab-tested cannabis products tested by SC Labs, which screens for potency and purity, to guarantee accurate dosing and maximum safety for every product, every time.