Aces Extracts

Aces Extracts

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Superior Quality Cannabis Distillate

1st Place CA Cannabis Cup 2018 People’s Choice Vape 2nd Place CA Cannabis Cup 2018 Overall Vape   

Aces Extracts is the superior cannabis lifestyle brand intended to fit your active lifestyle. Launched in Los Angeles in 2017 and currently available in California and Nevada. Aces products are specifically designed to compliment your active lifestyle. Our products are named after their intended effect, and are packaged in convenient, discreet hardware that is always ready when you are. Aces was founded on one simple idea; cannabis concentrates, done right. As far back as we can remember, we’ve known cannabis as an enhancement for the action at hand. A means to an end, not the end in itself. So from the beginning, we knew we wanted to create something that embodied those values. A superior quality product, specifically designed to fit a life of adventure. Like the adventures we conquer we believe cannabis is socially therapeutic, best experienced with friends. The intersection of these values brought our team together, with a focus on integrity and responsibility for one another. We impart this passion into everything we do. Whether you’re seeking relief after a long day with our superior shatter, or sharing a sunset with friends and our signature distillate, we hope our passion can be shared with you.  

The Aces team grew up with cannabis in the same manner as their parents had, an enhancement for the action at hand, a social therapeutic best shared with friends. So with the launch of medical cannabis in California by Proposition 2015 in 1996, the team knew the time was right to share the benefits of medical cannabis with friends old and new. With the rise of affordable, discreet, vaporizing technology twenty years later, the Aces team knew that the future of cannabis would be concentrates. It was then that this family of friends, farmers, doctors, academics, engineers and lawyers got to work developing a line of cannabis products perfectly designed for the future of cannabis. Drawing from the best academic research and the most modern extraction science techniques, the team developed a line of cannabis strains perfectly matched to how they’ve always known cannabis; the perfect compliment for lives in motion.   

Every batch of superior quality Aces Extracts starts with superior quality plants. The Aces team carefully breeds and selects specific strains for their high cannabinoid concentrations and consistent expression from plant to plant. Every harvest is tested to ensure the plant is free of harmful mold, microbes, pesticides, or pollutants. Only the finest, contaminant-free cannabis flower is select for the extraction process. Using a proprietary extraction technique, carefully mastered from over 30 combined years of extraction experience, THC is extracted from the plant material and isolated to industry leading purity levels. Every extraction batch is then tested again to ensure no by-products of the extraction process remain. Potent, contaminant-free raw extract is then further refined using a proprietary distillation technique. The result is the purest, most potent distillate product on the market. Based on current best academic research, all-natural plant derived terpenes are then reintroduced to the distillate product in exacting formulas intended to induce entourage effects through the human cannabinoid system, resulting in specific sensations throughout the body and mind. The final product is then tested again to confirm the exact cannabinoid ratios and confirm the products are contaminant free before packaging and delivering to you.   

Aces Extracts flagship strains, Energize, Inspire, Uplift, and Unwind, are available in disposable all-in-one vaporizing pens and disposable universal cartridges, both featuring industry leading CCELL technology to ensure an luxurious and consistent vaping experience every time. Aces Extracts also include consumer favorites Live Resin, Shatter, Budder, and Sauce in a wide range of popular strains. Following the same rigorous extraction and testing standards as our signature distillate, our concentrate products provide a safe, potent, and flavorful smoking experience where the full cannabinoid profile of the plant is preserved.  

Aces Extracts is proud to partner with PH Solutions to ensure every batch of our cannabis extracts meets not only California regulatory standards for purity, but also our own exacting standards for pesticide, solvent, and contaminant free cannabis products.