ALAIR Vaporizers

ALAIR Vaporizers

3.7 ★

Alair is an ultra sleek, no-fuss vape pen created for seasoned connoisseurs and casual users alike. Slim as a pencil, each Alair vaporizer can deliver approximately 150 pulls per cartridge and produces significant vapor plumes on demand. Dose delivery is easily achieved and modulated, providing an effortless, elegant experience.

Rarely out of place, Alair adds style and grace to every lifestyle. Choose a premium cannabis vaporizer like Alair to enhance your experience.


  • Lifestyle Discrete in physical profile and virtually scent-free
  • Health Removes the toxic and carcinogenic risks associated with smoke
  • Cost-effective Higher potency means fewer hits to achieve the desired effect


The carbon dioxide extraction method occurs without hydrocarbon-based inputs, and as such is considered by many to produce the safest product with no chance of residual solvents.


Our specially-formulated cannabis oil is CO2 extracted, carefully lab-tested and regulated to ensure the product is consistent to the highest standard. Each cartridge is filled with premium pure cannabis oil - that’s all. No additives, extenders or filler ingredients.


The Alair pen consists of a streamlined rechargeable battery encased in a matte black body, and a gold-accented clear glass cartridge that lets you see how much oil you have left. Each pen comes with a convenient, compact usb charger for life on the go.