American Organic

American Organic

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Smoke in Style. American Organic Flower is more than a cannabis brand. These sophisticated crafters of stylishly clean pre-rolls offer a lifestyle that’s effortlessly cool. Founded in Los Angeles, American Organic Flower offers the freshest pre-rolls on the market, adding nothing to let the balanced power of cannabis do its thing. Clean, sustainably sourced, and masterfully crafted, American Organic Flower offers pre-rolls in a league of their own. 

American Organic Flower’s founder got their start in the cannabis industry years ago, working as a local delivery caregiver, grower, and cultivator of marijuana brands. Wanting to start a pre-roll company, their founder was tired of buying unclean joints from his local dispensaries, covered in spit or filled with pesticide-covered cannabis. He wanted to introduce a cleaner product on which pre-roll lovers could rely, free of contaminants and offering a consistent marijuana smoking experience with each puff. Newly founded and ready to serve the Los Angeles market, American Organic Flower is ready to change the cannabis pre-roll game in SoCal for good.

Every package of American Organic Flower is crafted by hand, framing their pre-rolls in a container that’s equally as elegant and sophisticated. They stuff their machine-rolled joints with tons of flower, and each pack of 5 contains 4 grams of marijuana flower each. Their cannabis is tested utterly free of pesticides and sourced from the best quality Los Angeles growers, as well as flower cultivated in their own garden. All organic and indoor-grown, American Organic Flower’s joints offer consistent dosing with a balanced smoke and flavor, so consumers know the exceptional experience they’ll get with each use. 

American Organic Flower deeply cares about quality and cleanliness and tests each of their pre-rolls with SC Labs for quality assurance. They lab test to make sure their flower is free of pesticides and other contaminants, as well as checking for consistent potency.