Artizen Cannabis

Artizen Cannabis

4.7 ★

What's Your Zen?

Find your zen within.   

Artizen puts the Zen in artisan cannabis. Drawing on years of thoughtful growing experience, a love of the plant, and dedication to their customers, Artizen cultivates premium marijuana flower rich with terpenes and potency. Attuned to needs of their cannabis plants during cultivation, Artizen can tease out premium levels of flavor, aroma, and potency. No matter the strain, Artizen’s cannabis will put you in a state of zen-like satisfaction. 

Aritzen was assembled as a team of visionaries passionate about the unlimited future of marijuana. As a team of expert growers, a tirelessly dedicated staff, and a vision towards redefining marijuana culture, Artizen’s flagship grows facility was designed and built in Lacey, Washington in 2014. Soon after they launched their first cannabis crops, Artizen’s eye for excellence immediately caught the attention of both experienced budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs. Their dedication and knowledge have brought them far, and Aritzen’s pride in their work from cultivation to product delivery shows in how much they live up to their high, premium standards.

Artizen designed their growing facility to optimize their cannabis’ success, with 30-foot ceilings and air enriched with CO2. Their advanced water filtration system offers their marijuana plants the cleanest water, while their heating system keeps their rows of cannabis healthy and heated. With the industry’s best lighting technology, Artizen cannabis receives the best light save the sun itself. Thanks to their expert growing practices, Artizen then harvests their premium cannabis, cures, and hand-trims each batch to ensure measured quality, every time. 

Artizen features a wide variety of expertly grown cannabis strains, with everything from Indicas to Sativas and different Hybrids sprinkled in between. Connoisseurs love their Dutchberry, Allen Wrench, Blue Dream and Grape Ape, while more traditional strains Jack Herer and OG Kush sprinkle their garden. Sparkling with crystal trichomes and aromatic with rich terpenes, Artizen’s cannabis is a cut above the rest. 

With quality as their top priority, Artizen submits every crop of marijuana flower to lab testing for assurance of excellence. Testing for pesticides, microbials, water content, heavy metals, potency and terpenes, Artizen proudly collaborates with Washington laboratories to ensure the purity and potency of their cannabis.