Big Daddy Edibles

Big Daddy Edibles

Big Daddy Edibles leads the charge in top-quality, consistently effective, and delicious infused cannabis treats. The chefs at Big Daddy Edibles pursue excellence from beginning to end and devote loving care into each of their products. "Patients before products," guides everything Big Daddy Edibles believes, and the entire team is proud to offer effective cannabis relief with every decadent bite. 

Big Daddy Edibles was founded by an individual who has long advocated and pioneered both regulations and product innovation in the medical marijuana industry. More than a decade ago, Big Daddy himself decided to raise the standards of the edibles marketplace and create a line of infused food crafted with the best ingredients, care, and cannabis. As a patient, he was tired of buying highly-fattening edibles lacking in consistent dosages and full of harmful additives in their ingredients. Big Daddy’s more than ten years in the cannabis industry endowed his edibles with a higher level of excellence. He refused to craft anything without consistent, lab-tested potencies and clean ingredients, and his dedication flew Big Daddy Edibles to join the ranks of California’s most beloved infused cannabis. 

When Big Daddy Edibles’ team begins their process, they start with top-quality cannabis sourced from southern California’s most expert cultivators. Their kitchen team crafts top-quality cannabutter from scratch and whips up a wide variety of delectable baked goods. When cannabutter doesn’t work, Big Daddy Edibles’ specialized products are infused with top-quality distillate. Big Daddy Edibles spent years perfecting its recipes so patients can rely on consistent, lab-tested dosages and flavors every time. Each one of Big Daddy Edibles’ treats is crafted in their state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, where the top level of cleanliness and quality procedures reign supreme. 

Big Daddy Edibles prides itself on producing a guaranteed dose of medical cannabis in each of their edibles. Patients love browsing through the various baked goods whipped up in Big Daddy Edibles’ kitchen. With Cranberry Cookies, Fruity Krispies and Snickerdoodles among their bestsellers, there’s an infused treat from Big Daddy Edibles for everybody. 

Big Daddy Edibles prides itself on guaranteed lab testing with every product. Their team submits to CB Labs and other locations for quality assurance. These labs employ full-spectrum analyses to test Big Daddy Edibles’ cannabis products for potency, contaminants, pesticides, and terpene profiles.