Blue River

Blue River

The Original Cannabis Terpene Brand 

In the fall of 2013, the cannabis industry in the United States underwent the most significant transformation since prohibition. Many states had passed legislation which enacted medical cannabis laws, and a few states even took on the challenges of regulating adult use. Opening up the regulated cannabis market brought a new wave of investment, business opportunities, and unrestricted innovation.

Blue River was conceived during this period of rapid innovation, beginning as an idea surrounding the potential uses and applications of cannabis-derived terpenes. The founder of Blue River, Tony Verzura believed that developing full-spectrum cannabis-derived terpenes and incorporating them into a variety of forms would change the landscape and bioavailability of cannabis products.

By fall of 2014, Blue River cannabis-derived terpenes were incorporated into both a Live Resin and Full Melt process. These high terpene infused extracts ended up winning Blue River's first of many High Times Awards that year. 

Blue River later went on to launch the world's first e-commerce website enabling individuals to access cannabis-derived terpenes world-wide. Blue River went had a cameo appearance on the Hollywood red carpet event for the Academy Awards. Blue River helped popularize cannabis-derived terpenes in the industry generating a buzz of excitement, so much so that cannabis and non-cannabis users alike couldn't stop talking about "terps."

It became very apparent that cannabis-derived terpenes were not only responsible for fascinating aromas or unique flavors but were critical components in creating "full spectrum" products. Blue River began collaborations that would forever change the popularity of terpenes while solidifying Blue River as the original terpene brand. In the winter of 2015, Gold Drop began utilizing Blue River Terpenes in lieu of hydrocarbons for isolating CBD, as well as in their single sourced THC distillates diluted with only cannabis terpenes in vaporization. Prana Medicinals adapted to utilizing Blue River Terpenes in their capsules, sublingual's, and topical's. Blue River Terpenes has been featured in DOPE Magazine, Viceland's Bong Appetite, in a number of local micro-breweries and restaurants, and has been credited with over 40+ cannabis awards. 

Our proprietary extraction technology removes all present terpenoids from whole plant cannabis flowers without the use of solvents, additives, or chemicals. Our technique separates the terpenes from the resin without damaging the integrity of the cannabinoids, resulting in the cleanest, highest testing, and finest terpenes available in today's market.

We believe in a farm-to-table model of cannabis extraction and product development that encompasses the entire full spectrum of terpenes and embodies the essence of the plant from start to finish. Dedicated to providing quality, excellence, and standardization, Blue River has set the standard for innovation and excellence in terpene technology, effectively leading the way for new products and innovation on a global scale.