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Burn Extracts is proud to be the premiere brand of cannabis concentrates. Built on a foundation of patient trust and fire products, Burn Extracts has devoted themselves to delivering the best extractions that satisfy patients both in effect and flavor. Burn Extracts is pleased to offer concentrates that patients can rely on, the ability to guarantee their products purity and potency is a vital part of their cannabusiness’ mission.

Burn Extracts started out on a high note, launching their brand on 4/20 of 2017. The founder had close to a decade of experience prior to starting Burn Extracts and wanted to apply his knowledge in cannabis to aid Michigan patients in need. Burn Extracts is patient focused and their mission is to provide medical cannabis extractions patients can rely on.

Burn Extracts provides the best medical marijuana concentrates for patients throughout Michigan. Their extracts come in a variety of potency and consistencies. Burn Extracts offers distillate, wax, crumble, shatter, and cartridges for patients that need to medicate on the go or with discretion. Michigan patients love Burn Extracts’ Blueberry Wizard cartridges, a magically euphoric extract for 710 enthusiasts. Patients also go crazy for their Girl Scout Cookies Live Rosin, which is sugary in flavor and consistency. For those seeking a powerful punch, check out Flamethrower, Burn Extracts’ syringe that tests 80% THC. 

Consistency is key, and Burn Extracts understands that. Their team works tirelessly to guarantee their medical cannabis extracts are pure and potent. All of their terpenes are derived from marijuana flowers providing genuine, full-bodied marijuana flavor in every dab or drag. Burn Extracts runs a secondary distillate process on their concentrates creating the cleanest cannabis extracts around. Burn Extracts sources their genetics from local farms throughout Michigan, to offer a wide variety of strains and effects for their patients.

Burn Extracts is pleased to offer marijuana concentrates that are lab tested by PSI Labs, a full-service cannabis testing laboratory dedicated to precision, safety, and innovation. Burn Extracts runs full spectrum analysis of their products, testing for residual solvents and potency. Purity and transparency are important in the medical cannabis industry and Burn Extracts ensure their patients are well informed regarding their line of high-quality products.