Butter Baby!

Butter Baby!

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Butter Baby is a California based, Prop 215 compliant, woman-owned not-for-profit organization that offers THC-infused butter for those who love MMJ edibles and love to bake. We are proud of our quality product, quality service, and quality care.

We put our patients first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality service and products. We provide a safe work environment, value our employees, and seek to help them achieve their full potential. We foster professionalism and seek excellence in everything we do. We do our best to represent our industry by complying with all state and local laws.

Butter Baby was founded by best friends Kendra and Sheena. They are the dynamic duo behind the award-winning canna-butter. Our motto is: “Life handed us WEEDS, so we made BUTTER BABY!” Kendra began experimenting with infusing canna-butter while helping her uncle, who was suffering from intractable pain. He reported pain reduction and euphoric mood. The positive response to her canna-butter was undeniable, and Kendra knew she had a marketable product. She called Sheena and told her about her uncle’s endorsement and Sheena, who had seen firsthand the medicinal value of cannabis during her father’s battle with cancer, immediately provided financial support and Butter Baby was born. Kendra and Sheena have been avid advocates for the MMJ movement ever since. Sheena has been a champion for cancer sufferers since the passing of her father and became the primary caregiver for her friend’s beautiful adopted daughter, who was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of three months. The friend, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer just after her daughter went into remission, and Sheena has been taking care of both of them for some time now. Sheena and Kendra believe that their personal experiences serve as a testament to Butter Baby’s commitment to provide clients with the best products for all their health needs.

After only a couple of months in production, Butter Baby won the Best Canna-Butter at the 2015 BEST OF Edibles List Awards, further confirming our commitment to the MMJ community. Winning the award for best canna-butter has opened a number doors and distribution opportunities for Butter Baby. We are well on our way to brand recognition and becoming a household name throughout the cannabis community and culture. Our butter is handmade in our certified kitchen through a three-step infusion process that ensures a product that is high in quality and free of impurities. Our canna-butter is made with indoor top-shelf strain trim that is tested at CSA and Sclabs Labs for potency and pesticides.

Thanks to Kendra’s special infusing process, Butter Baby’s taste and potency is second to none.

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy Butter Baby

I got Butter Baby. Do you?