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The dedicated team that comprises Cali Green Gold has laid a foundation for true cannabis experiences. Through product lines that deliver consistent quality and purity, exceptional flavor, and powerful potency, Cali Green Gold is the source of premium marijuana flowers and extracts. Cali Green Gold is a brand with a vision; they believe the medical cannabis movement was monumental to our time and that the pioneering forces and collaboration of cannabis advocates should be cherished and remembered. Cali Green Gold’s mission is to empower its patrons with marijuana products that enhanced wellness and increase their quality of life. Cali Green Gold aims bridge society to normalization, connecting medical cannabis patients, 420-friendly enthusiasts, and marijuana newbies to safe, reliable buds, shatter, sauce, and vape cartridges. Embrace truth, embrace cannabis.

Like the light bulb or the internet, cannabis holds the same merit and impact as many of the other incredible innovations responsible for shaping our world. Cali Green Gold founders David and Josh knew marijuana was a key to inconceivable potential. For a decade David was a software designer, crafting worlds and characters for video games. He wanted to step away from the computer screen and become a positive driving force in the cannabis industry. He understood marijuana would shape societies future, changing the way we experience medicine and socializing. He met his partner, Master Grower Josh, and the two set out to create a cannabis company that delivered everything they dreamt of finding in a marijuana brand. “The early days were the most fun. Everything came together with natural gravity, and it empowers you.” - David   

Josh was instrumental; he dialed in Cali Green Gold’s cultivation practices, yielding precision and consistency in the garden. Master Grower Josh’s efforts allowed Cali Green Gold to achieve the level of luxury for which it aimed. Communication anchored to Josh and David’s success. It allowed them to work synergistically with their shared vision and love for marijuana. The pair quickly found a“groove” similar a band during rehearsal, and like a talented musicians, they enthralled their clientele with their phenomenal work. Since its start, Cali Green Gold has widened its production, offering more products to meet the lifestyle needs of every niche in the cannabis community. The team’s goal is to become a cannabis brand adored in California and beyond. Today, David, Josh, and the Cali Green gold team continue to provide premium cannabis products to folks throughout the state.   

Cali Green Gold’s founders believe that cannabis is where art meets science. From the flowers in the farm to the oils it extracts, Cali Green Gold takes every measure to ensure quality and purity. Master Grower Josh works with organic principles, and allows the strain to guide his growing techniques. Cali Green Gold’s teamtailors the environment to meet the needs of each cultivar, with a grow-style that enables its flowers’ genetics to reach their maximum potential. Once ready for harvest, Cali Green Gold’s buds are trimmed and cured to perfection. Buds utilized for shatter and sauce are processed by Cali Green Gold extraction artists. Each concentrate maintains the volatile terpene and cannabinoids and is purged of additional molecules, resulting in pure extracts with full spectrum flavor, aromatics, and effects.   

Whether in search of buds that produce a heavy body high, or flowers with a sweet flavor profile, Cali Green Gold has the nugs you need. All flowers have extreme bud appeal with dense trichomes and range in beautiful, healthy colors that will leave you salivating for a toke. The Do-Si-Dos flowers exhibit deep purple nugs with bright amber hairs and pungent aromatics. Smoking these ladies produce uplifting euphoria with a sense of calm and peace. Yeti Glue is a fluffy monster. This Indica-leaning strain delivers heavy sedative effects and awakens the most dormant appetite. Her buds blossom open, showcasing the milky trichomes on every tiny leaf and the concentrated areas of electric, orange hairs.

A person's experience with cannabis is guided by two factors that work together to build effects:  cannabinoids and terpenes. Cali Green Gold’s shatter and sauces capture the full effects and flavors of the original strain thanks to its skilled extraction artists. Blueberry Cookies Sauce is an ooey-gooey delight; every dab provides sugary blueberry flavors followed by sweet euphoric bliss. Cali Green Gold’s Ghost Train Haze Shatter is another translucent slab of heaven. A dab of this pull-n-snap supplies a boost in mood and focus, and you may find tremendous humor in absolutely nothing at all thanks to her giggle-inducing effects. 

Take the synergy of terpene signatures and cannabinoid profiles wherever you go. The Truth is here with clear, potent, and tasty cannabis oils encased in a glass cartridge with steel a cartomizer. Citrus Jack is a Sativa-dominant vape cartridge with refreshing citrus flavors and tantalizing effects that make for the perfect discreet wake and bake. The Truth’s Skywalker OG provides a full-body stone; every puff illuminates your palate with spicy and herbal notes and sinks you deeper into relaxation.

Cali Green Gold strives to ensure its cannabis products are clean, safe and accurately dosed. All flowers and extractions are lab tested by SC Labs for pesticides, residual solvents, and cannabinoid profiles.