4.5 ★

Over the years we have been on a journey to discover the ultimate dosing method. We've always enjoyed the fast acting effects of smoking cannabis, while also appreciating the discreetness of using edibles. Why can't we have the best of both worlds? 

A smokeless experience for every lifestyle. We're bringing a new paradigm to the industry, making it possible for users to enjoy a timely (under 10 minute) dose, while having the freedom to consume without smoke, odor, or delayed absorption. 

Based in the heart of humboldt county, we take pride in carrying on the tradition of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that has made the region world famous.

Our discreet cannabis pouches feature spit-less, micro-dosed (10mg each), all natural, h2o soluble thc and cbd blends. Each tin contains 150mg of fast-acting medicine, that begins working in as little as 10 minutes. Our pouches are designed to be accurate, and discreet, allowing users to dose whenever wherever they want. We have three original flavors, including mint thc and cbd, and citrus thc (orange/lime).        

In the end its about the journey, and the experiences collected along the way. Those moments when we forget about time, and just admire the shine. Blend your doses into the adventure, with natural ingredients for a natural experience. Our time is now. Dip into life.